Australian man has saved lives for 50 years


don ritchie0_10153037389348206_1228631352_nDon Ritchie was a man like no other. He was literally saving lives. Living next to the Gap, in Sydney Australia Ritchie has rescued over 160 people from killing themselves, although his family claims that it was around 400 people.

The Gap, Australia is well known as a suicide spot. For almost 50 years, Don was approaching people that he saw were contemplating suicide. He would go and ask them with a smile on his face “Is there something I could do to help you?” According to his daughter, most people would turn around and that wasĀ all that they needed to change their minds.

Don Ritchie started to help people from the moment he moved into his new house, which is just 50 metres from the edge of the Gap. His daughter says that after rescuing people he used to bring them back to the house for tea or breakfast. According to the Natioanl Asutralia Day Council has statedĀ “In a situation where most would turn a blind eye, Don has taken action … With such simple actions Don has saved an extraordinary number of lives”.


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