How to make yourself feel better? There are many ways!

Sometimes we are so sad we don’t know what to do feel better. Sometimes time heals wounds but sometimes there is stuff you can do to make yourself feel better.

Each person is different and obviously different things will make them feel better but there are some things that work for most people. For example if you feel lonely, write an e-mail, letter or whatever to a friend. If you feel useless and don’t feel like you have a purpose in life volunteering really helps. If you feel isolated it’s a good idea to adopt a cat, a dog or a hamster or go to a animal center and volunteer there.

There is also a website for people that are lonely but want to meet other people just for socializing, like, here normal everyday people organise socializing meetings, some have special themes like photography or theatre lovers, walking, cycling or international people and some are just for socializing and going for a drink.

I think it’s also always a good idea to try new hobbies, visit new places, go to workshops, expositions, festivals and events.

Youtube personality Anna Akana also has some funny and interesting tips.


The first zero waste supermarket is here!


The first zero waste supermarket is here and it’s in Germany, Berlin. Sarah Wolf and Milena Glimbowski decided to open this supemarket after seeing all the waste that went into packaging products. So, they launched a crowfunding campaign in May and managed to get the funds.

But what exactly is a zero waste supermarket? Well it is quite simple. All food is sold in bulk and customers have to bring their own packaging or containers. The founders said ” When out shopping we find a lot of super colourful items with super colourful packaging. What we tend to forget is that those packagings are only waste at the end of the day. We each produce 250 kilograms of waste every year. We believe there is another way. We believe we can change this.”

The supermarket will try to sell also locally organic sourced foods. But what can you find in a supermarket that has no packaging? Well according to the owners, you can get pasta, cereals, cheese, and whey in cellophane-free containers, jars and glass bottles, unwrapped fruits and vegetables.

A healthy example. Jim Morris, a 78 year old vegan bodybuilder.

Someone once said that it doesn’t matter if you are one of those people that eat right and exercise or if you are one of those people that smoke, drink and just eat whatever they feel like. Because you are going to die anyway. I thought that person was right. I thought that then. But in time I realised that if you eat right and exercise and just try to take care of yourself, you will die, but you will have lived at least a nice life. A life without disease, frustration and pain.

Sure, eat what you like, smoke, drink, eat fast food and a million chocolate chip cookies. You are going to die anyway, so why not enjoy it? Except you are not really going to enjoy your life if you get a disease ( from all the enjoyment) in your twenties, thirties, forties and so on. Let’s say it’s not a deadly disease and something you can live with. Will you be able to go to a party if you have to take medicine or injections every few hours? How about if your disease won’t let you move? Can you enjoy dancing or going to a cinema or a restaurant? Will you be happy to spend the rest of your life in pain?

Lucky for us, we have real people that can show us the effects of a healthy life. And Jim Morris is one of them. At the age of 78 he does not only look way younger than he is, but he is also in a really good physical shape and in great health. Being a bodybuilder surely helped but changing his diet helped him even more. Jim became a vegetarian at the age of 50 and a vegan at 65. Therefore it’s never too late to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Ad shows how we may possibly live our last 10 years of life

Some people say that it does not matter how you lead your life, if you eat healthy or not, because you are going to die anyway. However, do you want the last years of your life to be spent on a hospital bed, struggling with your health instead of spending some time travelling or just enjoying your time with you friends and family, being able to go anywhere you want and do what you want without any issues?

Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada made this ad that shows such a story. The story of a man and how he could live his last ten years. The ad shows us two versions of his life at the same time. One is him being ill in a hospital bed and the other version shows him healthy and enjoying his time with his family.



The secret to eternal youth? Annette Larkins has got it!

Here is someone who has the secret to staying young forever. Annette Larkins is a 71 year old woman who does not look a year over 40. What is her secret? Expensive cosmetics? Surgery? Magic? The answer is quite simple and quite obvious. Food.

Annette Larkins’s secret to eternal youth is eating the right foods. Which means, she does not eat meat or dairy and she chooses to eat only raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, which she personally grows in her own garden. She takes good care of her garden as she does not use any pesticides and waters them with rain water.

However, Annette hasn’t always eaten like this. 27 years ago she used to eat like everyone else, meat and dairy. One day she decided to improve the way she ate and slowly ( it took her a few years) changed her diet. Her husband, who is 54 years old unfortunately did not change his diet and as a result when they go out together people often believe she is his own daughter.

It is quite clear now that we do not need to spend our money on expensive cosmetics and surgery and the change must come from what we eat. We need to choose wisely.

You can visit her site here 

Why organic is better

There are a lot of articles, TV shows, studies and discussions about organic foods. But what is the difference between organic and non organic vegetables and fruits?  Why are organic vegetables and fruits better? Why should we bother buying organic fruits? Why pay more? Or why bother going to the farmers’ market when we could get some fruits on our weekly supermarket shopping?

A research by Rutgers University shows us what are the differences between organic and non organic snap beans, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach. The study has compared  supermarket vegetables ( non organic) and vegetables sold by health shops.


What other differences are between Organic and Non organic vegetables and fruits?

Eating organic products helps you

  • avoid the ingestion of pesticides sprayed on fruits and veggetables ( that increases the risk of developing cancer,Parkinson disease)
  • avoid GMO products
  • benefit from a larger amount of vitamins ( organic foods are richer in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and iron)
  • avoiding food additives  ( which cause asthma, head aches, allergies, heart disease, cancer)
  • reduce the risk of developing several diseases such as cancer, heart disease and allergies.

Here’s a nice video graphic that explains why organic is better

Can’t afford to go to university? Here are some free online courses!

If you can’t afford or don’t have the time to go to university, or you live in a different far away country and you can’t _DSC0268attend universities due tot the fact that you would have to leave your whole wonderful life behind, do not despair as there is a great solution for you.

If you have not heard yet about MOOC courses, here’s some great information. MOOC courses are free (yes you read that well…free!), open, online courses, taught at a university level, available to anyone, no matter where you live in the world .

The good news is that the courses cover a huge range of subjects, from mathematics to biology, music, language and computers. The other good news ( there are not bad news on this blog) is that these courses are not only taught in English, but also in other languages such as Japanese, Italian, Arabic, German, Mandarin and Russian.

The courses are uploaded by reputable universities such as Harvard, Cambridge and MIT and are taught by their university professors. While you don’t get a diploma for attending the course, you will get a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

Here are some of the sites where you can attend the courses

Coursera  This site has courses in several languages and subjects such as Arts, Chemistry, Food and Nutrition and Music, film and Audio. According to, Coursera has over 17,000,000 enrolments from students from 190 countries. Their courses come from 85 universities from 16 countries.

EdX has got courses from schools such as Harvard, Cambridge and MIT and offers courses such as Computer Science, Poetry in America, Jazz Appreciation and Introduction to the music business.

MIT offer for free the materials that they themselves use in their courses.

Duolingo is perfect if you are looking to improve your language skills or you are looking to learn a new language. They also have an Iphone application so you can take your course with you everywhere.

If you are looking for a list of courses or sites that offer free courses, the main database for free online courses is



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