Supermarket campaigns for ugly fruits and vegetables to stop being ignored

People throw 300 million of fruits and vegetables a year and the main reason is that we don’t choose a fruit or vegetable that does not fit the norm. 2014 was declared by the European Union the European Year against Food Waste. So, Intermarche came up with the idea of a campaign called Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables, a campaign that encourages consumers to celebrate the Grotesque Apple, the Ridiculous Potato, the Hideous Orange, the Failed Lemon, the Disfigure Elephant and the Ugly Carrot.

Intermarche, a French supermarket has put a special stand with these type of fruits to test the consumers and sold them with 30% cheaper than good looking fruits. The project was such a big success that they sold out!



A TedTalks video on how to achieve happiness easier


This TED talks video is really an eye opener to why some of us are unhappy, even if we managed to achieve our goals by getting a job, money, children, career or moving to a different country.

We all wish we had money but then we know rich people that are deeply unhappy. So what’s the solution?

Shawn Anchor has studied this phenomenon and said that 90 percent of our long term happiness is predicted not by the external world but by the way your brain processes the world. If we change the way we see the world, we change our formula for happiness or success . So, what we can do is change the way that we can then affect reality.

Sounds confusing?

Here’s a simple explanation.

Shawn really opens our eyes to reality. He says that the problem with not acquiring happiness is quite simple.

The issue stands in this. The classic formula for success that we think it’s proper for all of us is this

If I work harder I will be more successful and if I’m more successful than I’ll be happier.

This formula we apply to everything, from our parenting style, to our managing style and how we motivate our behaviour.

So why is this not working?

Simple, because  every time you have a success, your brain changes the goal to what success looks like. For example you get good grades and instead of being happier, you want to get better grades. You get a job, next you’ll want a raise and then a promotion. You will not be happy with your current situation and you will always want to achieve more.

“If happiness is on the opposite side of success your brain never gets there.” The problem is that we keep pushing happiness over the horizon and that is because we think we need to be successful to be happier.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is to be happy in the present. To realise what you have in the present and be content with what you have. His research shows that if you become aware of your present happiness, then your brain experiences a happiness advantage which means your brain will perform better, your intelligence will rise, your creativity, energy will improve.

Here’s the interesting thing. Dopamine, the substance that makes us happier, also turns on all the learning centres in the brain.


How can you become more positive? Shawn advises to:

Be grateful

Do exercise

Do mediation

Do random acts of kindness

Have a journal


Here’s his speech

Facebook users solve baby abduction case

Four Facebook users have managed to solve successfully an abduction case in Canada a few days ago, Huffington post reports. The whole story began on Monday, the 26th of May when Canadian police announced that a baby has been stolen from a hospital room in Quebec by a woman dressed as a nurse. Police issued a photo with descriptions of both the baby and the suspect (luckily caught on  the hospital’s camera system).

People started sharing the photos and information on Facebook and one user recognised the suspect as their neighbour.  Plante , her friend Bergeron and two other friends drove to the house of the suspect and noticed she was at home. They called the police soon after , the woman was arrested and the baby returned to the mother’s arms.

This was a successful case as the baby was returned just three hours after the abduction took place.

ʍǝıʌ ɟo ʇuıod ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp ɐ ɯoɹɟ ʇı ʇɐ ʞooן oʇ sı ɯǝןqoɹd ɐ ǝʌןos oʇ ʎɐʍ ʇsǝq ǝɥʇ sǝɯıʇǝɯos



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This Kind Man Gave his Shoes and Socks to a Stranger on the Bus

Kindness Blog

Zulhaziq Ali ‏@zulhaziqali tweeted:

“A simple act of kindness can leave a heart-print that lasts a lifetime.”

random act of kindness - free shoes and socks

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French Muslim travels the world to combat stereotypes on Islam

A French Muslim guy has decided to travel the world and combat Muslim stereotypes.  International and national or local media usually targets minority groups in their own countries stereotyping them and showing them in a negative manner ( like I’ve written here about Africans, Romanians, Muslims,and homeless people) and few media outlets have shown also positive stories about these groups.

One may wonder why when a person does something negative, like stealing, the media will immediately mention if that person is in a minority group and why when that person does something positive ( like saving someone’s life or winning some contest) their ethnic/religious/social status is not mentioned?

Due to these facts, some people decide to take matter in their own hands and break these stereotypes and Gibran Hasnaoui is one of these people. Gibran came with a creative idea. He thought of giving Muslims a voice in his project called MuslimWorld Tour. His project is quite simple- he will travel around the world and visit around 50 countries. In these countries he will visit mosques and interview Muslims ( you can see the interviews on youtube) in order to break these stereotypes. The good thing about these videos is that they are subtitled in English, French, Arabic and Spanish. 

If you are curious about his project visit his website here.

You can view the trailer for his project here

Muslim and Jewish girls come together on a stage to talk about prejudices

These two courages young women, one a Muslim and one Jewish are contesting prejudices and stereotypes against Muslims and Jews on a stage during the festival called Brave New Voices.

They say ” we’re just a little to caught up in the way the world sees us. The way my people see yours (Jewish girl). And the way my people see yours (Muslim girl).

We are both born from resilience, yet raised. by assumptions. ”

The Muslim girl says everything she heard about the Jewish people

“Dirty Money, big nose bankers, gas chambers”


And the Jewish girl says what she heard about Muslim people

“Oppressive husbands, suspicious terrorists, go back home!”


The girls talk about how prejudices affect their lives.

Jewish girl says ” why every time a penny falls I’m assumed to be the one to pick it up and stealing from every man’s pocket”

And Muslim girl says” every time the airport security check line moves forward I’m the one who’s pulled aside and patted down.”


The girls hold hands in the end and say ” Our hands should be caught together. raised as one, fighting against a stereotype that this country have put up on my people.”


Here’s the full video.

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