Elephant rampages village but stops to save a baby

A few days ago, a tusker (elephant with tusks) was going wild in a village in West Bengal India, when it suddenly stopped to rescue a baby. According to The Independent, Dipak Mahato and his wife were having dinner when they some cracking noise. When they went in the baby room, they found the elephant sitting in their room, over the baby between the smashed walls.

Mr Mahato said “We ran over and were shocked to see the wall in pieces and a tusker standing over our baby. She was crying and there were huge chunks of the wall lying all around and on the cot. The tusker started moving away but when our child started crying again, it returned and used its trunk to remove the debris.”

The elephant started to pick up gently the pieces of wall that fell on the baby, while her parents were watching amazed. The baby was taken to hospital and she is out of any danger now.

I wondered why an elephant would run wild like that in the village and I found out that because people started to build more and more, they have occupied lands that were used by elephants in their migration patterns and now herds of elephants run quite often through the area.



Hero hipo saves gnu from death

Not only humans save each other from dangerous situations.  It is well known that sometimes animals jump in to save other animals’ lives. In this video,  after being attacked by a crocodile, a hurt gnu antelope was dragged under water. Luckily, a hipo jumped and saved the day, helping the antelope to get out of the water.

Pet store comes with an ingenious idea to encourage people to adopt dogs

A pet store chain in Mexico has come up with a great idea to encourage people to adopt dogs. Because of a small budget, they had to think of a cheap but effective idea to bring attention to their adoption- rescue programme. So, what they did is promote the idea of the ” ownerless dogs, the dog without an owner. So, they put some special leads on the dogs’ collars so they look like an invisible pet owner walks his dog and they put a message that says ” adopt me” on their collar and they let the dogs walk around the park. The idea is pretty funny but also proved effective, as 221 dogs found an owner in two months.

New relaxing trend. Universities add puppy rooms for stressed students.

Exams time is a stressful time for everyone and if you don’t have the patience to do some meditation or you are feeling too stressed to do some sports, some universities found a really good solution.

In 2012 Dalhousie University decided to add a puppy room to relax their students in this tough time. Aberdeen university in Scotland and also Otago University from New Zeeland borrowed this idea and in 2013 they both added a relaxing puppy room. It seemed this idea is a success as students are allowed 10 minutes each with the puppies and there is already a waiting list for the room.

Ruby Sycamore-Smith, the president of the Otago University association added

“Obviously puppies are really cool because animals destress you, and everyone’s always talking about the importance of petting an animal when you are freaking out. So, I thought about a puppy room. I thought it would be cool to bring puppies to students during exam time when it is so stressful.”

Wouldn’t it be cool if all universities and schools would adopt this idea?







Animals banned in circuses in UK!


If you’ve ever been to the circus or just watched it on TV, maybe you remember tigers jumping through circles of fire, horses running around while acrobats were jumping from one horse to another, elephants sitting on two legs or monkeys performing gymnastics.

While some of us thought it was hilarious ( or if you were an innocent kid who did not know any better), these animals did suffer. They did not have the freedom to move around  like they would do in their free environment and more than that, they would have been forced to perform ( under the threat of being beaten) for our own amusement.

Luckily it seems things are getting better as in UK the animals have been banned in circuses. According to Express.co.uk, RSPCA, Born Free Foundation, the British Veterinary Association and Captive Animals’ Protection Society  have finally convinced the government to ban them. Dr. Ros Clubb, RSCPA senior scientist has added:

“It is a great relief that the government has listened to reason and we are back on track to getting a proper ban on the use of all wild animals in circuses. As the Government has pointed out, there is absolutely no basis for protecting only a select group of wild animals, and no desire to do so from MPs, the public or animal welfare groups. No wild animals belong in a circus.”

Pit Bull awarded ” American Hero Dog” prize




The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards that take place every year in the United States, since 2010, have awarded their “American Hero Dog” prize this year to a pit bull. Now, we all know pit bulls have a bad reputation of being aggressive and dangerous, however Elle came and broke the stereotypes.

Elle is a female pit bull that works as a therapy dog, which means she works with children in helping them improve their reading skills, breaking stereotypes by teaching them about dog safety, getting rid of their fear of dogs and teaching them how to be a responsible pet owner.

These awards are given every year to dogs that have saved lives, acted heroically or are just helping people with disabilities or diseases.

Other prizes that have been awarded

Emergency Hero Dog category

Winner – Cassidy, a rescued disabled dog that along with his owner bring awareness about people with disabilities and promote special needs rescues by visiting rehabilitation centres.

Guide dog category

Winner- Jingles, who is working in a diabetic alert team.

 Hearing dog category

Winner- Lola, a dog who is helping her deaf owner, Charlene in her everyday life.

Law enforcement category

Winner- Lakota,who served four years in the police force, recovering stolen property and participating in drug seizures.

Search and rescue dog category

Winner- John D, who participates in kidnaps, drowning, disasters and detecting cancer ( reportedly saved two women’s lives by detecting cancer at an early stage)


You can find more about these awards on their personal website http://www.herodogawards.org/about-us/



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