Facebook page set to help homeless during the winter proves successful

Kerry Lister- Pattinson is the founder of a movement of kindness that will help homeless in England during the winter nights.

Her idea came during one winter evening when she realised that there are people on the streets that were not enjoying a warm evening in front of the TV. So she started a facebook page called ” Making Winter Warmer for those without” with the purpose of gathering anything that could help people on the streets- blankets, clothes.

Kerry managed to get a warehouse of donations which are packed by volunteers and then given to homeless people. Since Kerry started her Facebook page, she managed to get over 7,000 members and helped at least 157 people. According to BBC, Kerry said “It’s wonderful the kindness that lies in the people of the north, everybody wants to help, but not everybody has the time to volunteer or knows where to turn to help, we now have a point of call and this way they can do that and know that its going to the people who need them the most.”

However, Kerry’s work is not limited to winter, as she is collecting stuff all year long. If you want to help, visit her Facebook page (here) or Twitter ( here)



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