Cows jump for joy after being saved from slaughtering

It’s easy to buy meat in a supermarket and just see it as a product. If we saw the actual animal that the meat came from, would we buy it anymore? Could we even look at it?

I’ve heard some people say that animals were put on Earth to be eaten. I’ve heard others say that animals have no feelings and no emotions. There are still plenty of studies that demonstrate that animals have feelings, but why do we need the studies to show us something obvious?

Here is a more obvious proof that animals do have feelings, that they love life, that they do feel happy when they’re supposed to be happy.

In this video, these cows were saved from slaughtering by a foundation started by a group of people exactly for this purpose.

These cows stopped having milk and due to financial reasons, the farmer could not keep them so he decided to send them to the slaughterhouse until this foundation came to save them.


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