Want not to waste your food? Give it away through an app!

Would you donate half your lunch to someone instead of throwing it if you had too much to eat? How about eating half of someone’s lunch?

At first this idea gave me chills, however if you look more into this matter you would find out that you would actually help the environment and the waste of food.  According to The Guardian, statistics show that developed countries throw away about 40 % of their food. That is almost half. Imagine half of the food we buy thrown away in the garbage. When you think about it, you actually waste a lot of money, too.

For a while nobody knew how to solve this matter, until a few applications and websites came with some pretty good ideas.

One of them is called Leftover Swap and it’s an application that helps people share their leftovers. How does it work? Let’s say you bought or cooked too much pizza. You would take a picture of your food, uploaded on this application and if someone wants it, they can come and get it . You would say maybe it’s disgusting to eat a stranger’s pizza but already 10,000 users from  USA, Europe, Asia and Australia are doing it.

Another helpful website is foodsharing.de although this one works just for people in Germany. Barbara Merhart, the coordinator of this website said “The original idea was for people to post on our website if they had leftovers in the fridge that they wanted to give away. But now shops, bakeries and restaurants are participating as well.” Unlike the Leftover Swap, this organisation is non profit.



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