Facebook users solve baby abduction case

Four Facebook users have managed to solve successfully an abduction case in Canada a few days ago, Huffington post reports. The whole story began on Monday, the 26th of May when Canadian police announced that a baby has been stolen from a hospital room in Quebec by a woman dressed as a nurse. Police issued a photo with descriptions of both the baby and the suspect (luckily caught on  the hospital’s camera system).

People started sharing the photos and information on Facebook and one user recognised the suspect as their neighbour.  Plante , her friend Bergeron and two other friends drove to the house of the suspect and noticed she was at home. They called the police soon after , the woman was arrested and the baby returned to the mother’s arms.

This was a successful case as the baby was returned just three hours after the abduction took place.


Funny video campaign warns us about the effects of texting

Technology is a part of our lives and nowadays we can’t really live without it, but how far some of us go in being addicted to it that it harms their lives and others?

We hear about accidents caused by people talking or texting on the phone and it is heart breaking. This video shows real people walking with their phones and just walking into things, not looking where they are going. While this video is funny because nobody is actually harmed and people are just walking, it reminds everyone that it’s not funny anymore when people’s lives are hurt when using these phones while driving.


Mysterious Twitter user leaves money all over San Francisco

A mysterious Twitter user has started to leave money across the city of San Francisco for people to find it.  Under the name of Hidden Cash, the twitter user has left hints of where he has left money.


The user has gained over 80,000 followers in just over a week and plenty of Twitter users that have followed his hints and found the money, have posted pictures of themselves with the money found.



The media has publicized this phenomenon and the user has said that this is a social experiment for good. The twitter users that have found the money have managed to be richer with at least 100 dollars more. Sky news reports that Hidden Cash does not have any political or religious agenda but he only wants to do good. Soon, his project will reach the cities of Los Angeles and San Jose. Good to know some people use their money for good!


Swedish town gives away free bikes to discourage car usage

bikeSweden is already famous for being bike friendly, but a town in Sweden has decided to take a step further. The town of Gothenburgh has adopted a special bicycle programme called Testcyklisterna through which they offer the residents free bikes for six months with the purpose of reducing car usage.

The cyclists that agree to use them for this test are suppose to not drive their cars for about 3 days a week. According to Fascoexist.com, the project manager of this test, Rickar Waern said “Showing good examples is a powerful way to reach out. Through the project, we’re trying to create those good examples–people from many different groups in the population, with a large variety of transportation needs, who all can solve their daily transports with bikes.”

Motorcyclist’s videocamera shows live acts of kindness

Video cameras set on Russian cars and motorcycles start to show us real footage of live acts of kindness. While some people might consider that helping someone get up on the street is no big deal, this video shows us that small acts of kindness can make a difference in the world.

See how this motorcyclist makes a difference.

Chinese hero saves baby from falling

A Chinese TV has aired a footage of a dramatic catching of a baby falling from a second story building, BBC reports.

Watch the heroic saving below.


Facebook page set to help homeless during the winter proves successful

Kerry Lister- Pattinson is the founder of a movement of kindness that will help homeless in England during the winter nights.

Her idea came during one winter evening when she realised that there are people on the streets that were not enjoying a warm evening in front of the TV. So she started a facebook page called ” Making Winter Warmer for those without” with the purpose of gathering anything that could help people on the streets- blankets, clothes.

Kerry managed to get a warehouse of donations which are packed by volunteers and then given to homeless people. Since Kerry started her Facebook page, she managed to get over 7,000 members and helped at least 157 people. According to BBC, Kerry said “It’s wonderful the kindness that lies in the people of the north, everybody wants to help, but not everybody has the time to volunteer or knows where to turn to help, we now have a point of call and this way they can do that and know that its going to the people who need them the most.”

However, Kerry’s work is not limited to winter, as she is collecting stuff all year long. If you want to help, visit her Facebook page (here) or Twitter ( here)


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