GiveMondays, a generous group that will brighten your Mondays

We all hated Mondays at least one time in our lives ( well, at least most of us, unless you are someone lucky with an awesome job) and we couldn’t do much about it but wait for …the weekend. One anonymous group of people came up with a nice idea to brighten up people’s Mondays.

This group, living in London, started to hand out to people in London, blue envelopes stuffed with words of encouragement and  money. The group organised itself on a website and they are active on twitter. What’s their purpose? On their website they state


What’s the big plan?

First things first — we want to build a community of givers. We think the best way to do this is by encouraging random acts of kindness and will announce some new ones in the coming months. Long term we want to offer our community different ways to give each Monday. We’ll continue the random acts but also showcase inspirational fundraisers, unsung heroes and local projects that need your help. 


Pretty good idea, I must say. However what can we do if we don’t live in London? That shouldn’t matter. The idea is to give away something on a Monday to cheer up someone, no matter where you live. If you want to be a part of the GiveMondays movement, you would either give a blue envelope with money or be a part of a team and give away 100 pounds to someone.

If you are curious about this group, here’s their twitter acount or you could go on their facebook page, or their website


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