French Muslim travels the world to combat stereotypes on Islam

A French Muslim guy has decided to travel the world and combat Muslim stereotypes.  International and national or local media usually targets minority groups in their own countries stereotyping them and showing them in a negative manner ( like I’ve written here about Africans, Romanians, Muslims,and homeless people) and few media outlets have shown also positive stories about these groups.

One may wonder why when a person does something negative, like stealing, the media will immediately mention if that person is in a minority group and why when that person does something positive ( like saving someone’s life or winning some contest) their ethnic/religious/social status is not mentioned?

Due to these facts, some people decide to take matter in their own hands and break these stereotypes and Gibran Hasnaoui is one of these people. Gibran came with a creative idea. He thought of giving Muslims a voice in his project called MuslimWorld Tour. His project is quite simple- he will travel around the world and visit around 50 countries. In these countries he will visit mosques and interview Muslims ( you can see the interviews on youtube) in order to break these stereotypes. The good thing about these videos is that they are subtitled in English, French, Arabic and Spanish. 

If you are curious about his project visit his website here.

You can view the trailer for his project here


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