Muslim and Jewish girls come together on a stage to talk about prejudices

These two courages young women, one a Muslim and one Jewish are contesting prejudices and stereotypes against Muslims and Jews on a stage during the festival called Brave New Voices.

They say ” we’re just a little to caught up in the way the world sees us. The way my people see yours (Jewish girl). And the way my people see yours (Muslim girl).

We are both born from resilience, yet raised. by assumptions. ”

The Muslim girl says everything she heard about the Jewish people

“Dirty Money, big nose bankers, gas chambers”


And the Jewish girl says what she heard about Muslim people

“Oppressive husbands, suspicious terrorists, go back home!”


The girls talk about how prejudices affect their lives.

Jewish girl says ” why every time a penny falls I’m assumed to be the one to pick it up and stealing from every man’s pocket”

And Muslim girl says” every time the airport security check line moves forward I’m the one who’s pulled aside and patted down.”


The girls hold hands in the end and say ” Our hands should be caught together. raised as one, fighting against a stereotype that this country have put up on my people.”


Here’s the full video.


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