Award winning video explains why we waste food

Here’s an interesting award winning animation called ” Food rules for healthy people and planet”, that discusses the food crisis ( which allegedly exists)and how we use our resources.

Apparently in 2013 there was a food shortage, however we produced enough food to feed 11 billion people. So what went wrong and what is going wrong, why some people have enough to eat, they have even the luxury of choosing what to eat, while others starve?

The video explains how from the food we produced, about half was not eaten by humans, but it was fed to the animals ( pigs, chickens, etc) that we eat. The thing is that it is not a question of how much land we have to produce the food for us, but how we use the food that we produce.

The United Nations Environment Programme says that one third of the food produced in 2013 was thrown away. One third! But this is not food mainly thrown by consumers, as a part of it it is wasted due to mismanagement of storing conditions, harvesting techniques and a lack of coordination between parties involved in producing the food.


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