Help Gulabi Gang continue their amazing work!

Indien Frauenbewegung Gulabi GangGulabi Gang or the “Pink” Gang, how it has been called is a Indian feminist group that fights not only for women’s rights, but also for injustices of any kind. Because the laws and the practice of laws have been proven to be unsuccessful in protecting women and those who suffer injustice, the Gulabi gang, led by the amazing Sampat Pal Devi has taken the matter in their own hands, doing what they can to bring justice in their area.

One of their successes being that they succesfully freed Sheelu Nishad, a maid that was raped by her employer and thrown in jail on false accusations of theft.

Now, Gulabi gang has become famous thanks to the internet and has gained many supporters, volunteers and finally, they will get also financial support thanks to people around the world.

I have wrote before about this amazing and courageous group and I believe that anyone can do something to help these women, by bringing awareness,  or helping them in their campaign.

Now their movement has spread from fighting for women’s rights to fighting poverty and illiteracy, campaigning against rape and sexual abuse, helping people to receive medical care, educating people about their rights, whether they are sexual or social, helping people setting up businesses and bringing corrupt officials to justice.

Now, all their work needs financial support and their budget is almost non existent.  If you want to help you can go on their site and donate at their official website or at a special donation page set up by the Liverpool University Feminist Society right here.


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