International court decides in favour of protecting the whales

The International Court of Justice has decided yesterday, 31 March, that Japan’s whaling program is illegal and  Japan has also agreed to abide the international law. Sydney Morning Herald has added that  Australia has asked the international law court to order Japan to stop its programme, which has been functioning under scientific reasons. Australia claims that Japan has killed around 10,000 whales since 1988 and thus they have broken international laws of preserving the environment.

In spite of this law, the general opinion is that it is unclear if Japan will actually respect the law, given the fact that this is a tradition that the majority of Japanese population agrees with.

According to, international law expert Steve Freeland says ”

“I think after this decision … countries have to get together with cool heads and still need to talk and that’s always been the issue,” he said.

“Discussions over the past years have been on an all-or-nothing basis where Australia says ‘no whaling whatsoever’ and Japan says they reserve the right because it’s part of their culture and they’re allowed to do it anyway under the scientific whaling.”


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