GiveMondays, a generous group that will brighten your Mondays

We all hated Mondays at least one time in our lives ( well, at least most of us, unless you are someone lucky with an awesome job) and we couldn’t do much about it but wait for …the weekend. One anonymous group of people came up with a nice idea to brighten up people’s Mondays.

This group, living in London, started to hand out to people in London, blue envelopes stuffed with words of encouragement and  money. The group organised itself on a website and they are active on twitter. What’s their purpose? On their website they state


What’s the big plan?

First things first — we want to build a community of givers. We think the best way to do this is by encouraging random acts of kindness and will announce some new ones in the coming months. Long term we want to offer our community different ways to give each Monday. We’ll continue the random acts but also showcase inspirational fundraisers, unsung heroes and local projects that need your help. 


Pretty good idea, I must say. However what can we do if we don’t live in London? That shouldn’t matter. The idea is to give away something on a Monday to cheer up someone, no matter where you live. If you want to be a part of the GiveMondays movement, you would either give a blue envelope with money or be a part of a team and give away 100 pounds to someone.

If you are curious about this group, here’s their twitter acount or you could go on their facebook page, or their website


Pay it forward. Young man promotes random acts of kindness

Nathan came up with a rather nice idea of doing random acts of kindness to strangers. Seeing that there is a youtube trend of helping people or just being generous, he had the idea of not only doing acts of kindness but also passing a list with these acts to the person that he helped, so the next person would do the next thing on the list.

This somehow reminded me of that movie ” Pay it forward.”

This Kind Man Gave his Shoes and Socks to a Stranger on the Bus

Kindness Blog

Zulhaziq Ali ‏@zulhaziqali tweeted:

“A simple act of kindness can leave a heart-print that lasts a lifetime.”

random act of kindness - free shoes and socks

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French Muslim travels the world to combat stereotypes on Islam

A French Muslim guy has decided to travel the world and combat Muslim stereotypes.  International and national or local media usually targets minority groups in their own countries stereotyping them and showing them in a negative manner ( like I’ve written here about Africans, Romanians, Muslims,and homeless people) and few media outlets have shown also positive stories about these groups.

One may wonder why when a person does something negative, like stealing, the media will immediately mention if that person is in a minority group and why when that person does something positive ( like saving someone’s life or winning some contest) their ethnic/religious/social status is not mentioned?

Due to these facts, some people decide to take matter in their own hands and break these stereotypes and Gibran Hasnaoui is one of these people. Gibran came with a creative idea. He thought of giving Muslims a voice in his project called MuslimWorld Tour. His project is quite simple- he will travel around the world and visit around 50 countries. In these countries he will visit mosques and interview Muslims ( you can see the interviews on youtube) in order to break these stereotypes. The good thing about these videos is that they are subtitled in English, French, Arabic and Spanish. 

If you are curious about his project visit his website here.

You can view the trailer for his project here

Muslim and Jewish girls come together on a stage to talk about prejudices

These two courages young women, one a Muslim and one Jewish are contesting prejudices and stereotypes against Muslims and Jews on a stage during the festival called Brave New Voices.

They say ” we’re just a little to caught up in the way the world sees us. The way my people see yours (Jewish girl). And the way my people see yours (Muslim girl).

We are both born from resilience, yet raised. by assumptions. ”

The Muslim girl says everything she heard about the Jewish people

“Dirty Money, big nose bankers, gas chambers”


And the Jewish girl says what she heard about Muslim people

“Oppressive husbands, suspicious terrorists, go back home!”


The girls talk about how prejudices affect their lives.

Jewish girl says ” why every time a penny falls I’m assumed to be the one to pick it up and stealing from every man’s pocket”

And Muslim girl says” every time the airport security check line moves forward I’m the one who’s pulled aside and patted down.”


The girls hold hands in the end and say ” Our hands should be caught together. raised as one, fighting against a stereotype that this country have put up on my people.”


Here’s the full video.

Video breaks stereotypes about Africa

This short and to the point video breaks the stereotypes about Africa- being poor, hungry and struggling with their overgrowing populations.

I’ve written before about Africa’s stereotypes and this video helps more to break those misconceptions.


“Unsung hero”, a Thai video about kindness and happiness

A thai commercial called “Unsung hero” has taken the internet by storm. Which is a good thing, not because they have managed to get a good viral video/commercial and got probably more views than they thought they would, but because of the main message the video transmits.

Help people and don’t expect anything in return ( no material things anyway). Life will bring you something in return anyway, because you will get what money and fame can’t get you and that is happiness. To see that what you’ve done changed the world for the better, will bring you more satisfaction than any money can buy.

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