Indian woman teaches people how to grow food organically and triple profits

Growing food organically does not necessarily mean expensive and risky. Kalaivani has proved it by succesfuly tripling her profits by growing all her crops without using any chemicals.

Kalaivani, a single mother from Vellitiruppur, Tamil Nadu has been in agriculture for around twenty years now and recently she decided to focus her attention on growing organic cotton. As a fertiliser she uses cow dung and she manages to grow it every six months without the “help” of pesticides. Moreover, because there is no use of chemicals, the soil quality improves over time. Luckily for her, the organic cotton has also a higher price on the market and she manages to get more profits to grow more cotton.

However, Kalaivani is not selfish and travels from village to village to spread the word about growing organic cotton.

See her advice here



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