Tiny homes- a project to save the homeless

While many ideas were put out there over the years to help the homeless, some successful and some not very successful, a group of people ( from charities and religious groups) have come up with the best idea of all- building tiny homes for the homeless. It seems an obvious solution and I wonder how people did not think about it before.

It seems the idea got very popular as tiny houses are being built all over the United States. Occupy Madison Inc. is one of the charities that contributes to this process. The houses are built thanks to donated material and volunteers. The only thing required from the homeless is to respect the property (by taking care of it), avoid drugs and alcohol. The houses cost about 5,000 dollars each and have a double bed, storage,a table and a toilet. Unfortunately the house does not have electricity but it does have a heater and it is properly insulated.

If you want to help them, you can by volunteering if you live in the Madison area or by donating money through their website.




Daily mail



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