An organization that really saves animals: Edgar’s mission

edgar's mission_nEdgar’s mission is a non profit organisation that has a really noble cause- saving animals. I am happy to report about this type of people that see it worth saving not only dogs and cats but also lambs, chickens and pigs.  While we see dogs as man’s best friend and we see cats as intelligent animals, why don’t we see sheep the same? Or cows? Did you know cows actually have best friends?

Edgar’s Mission makes a difference in the world and makes no difference between the animals that they choose to save.

Their story began in 2013 when Pam Ahern rescued a pig which she named Edgar Alan Pig. Pam was loved the pig so much that she decided to quit her job and to start this organization on a 60 acre farm in Victoria, Australia. And now she provides care for around 300 animals. You can visit their website and see the stories of animals that have been rescued (like Ana Pavlova, the chicken or Baa Baa the sheep) and you can help them by donating. Visit their website here or check out their Facebook page.

See here why people that work at Edgar’s mission, love their work



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