An inspirational video that reminds us to care more about others

Many times we judge people from our point of view, even if we try not to be racist or sexist or just plain judgemental. But we never know what’s behind people’s appearances, unless they are our closest friends. Your waiter was rude? Maybe, he just found out he’s going to be fired or he lost someone he loved. Your teacher seemed absent? Maybe she just filed for divorce. While, I’m not trying to give excuses to people behaving bad, I’m trying to say that sometimes real dramas are happening and we don’t know it and we just assume things. Not everybody knows when you had a bad day, just like it’s impossible for you to know if your doctor had a bad day and does not really feel like chatting.

We should try to just be nice to people and we just might make their day a little bit brighter.

This video will explain this better.


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