Japanese man risks his life to save over 500 animals

You might love your pet dog or cat or turtle a lot and you might be able to sacrifice a thing or two for them but would you be willing to risk your life to save his?

Keigo Sakamoto is an amazing man that decided to risk his life to save over 500 animals. How is he risking his life?  Well, (according to tenthousandthingsfromkyoto.blogspot.co.uk) after March 2011, the Japanese government decided to  evacuate the residents that lived around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex. When the evacuation occured, people were forced to leave thousands of animals behind and that was because they thought they will come back after everything will go back to normal. Some people managed to get a few animals with them but some did not have any choice. Animals like dogs and cats and farm animals were left behind.

Keigo Sakamoto though, refused to go and leave the animals behind so he arranged an area to save and care for the left animals. And so, only 20 kilometres from the nuclear complex, Keigo is caring for over 500 animals, like chickens, dogs and cats, all by himself. While some people think of him as crazy, some consider him a hero.

See his amazing story here.


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