Honest cleaner rewarded with 10,000 dollars

honest cleaner1Norman Saleh was hired to clean a house in Dearborn Heights, Michigan when he accidentaly found a box of  saving bonds worth 100,000 dollars. While he could have kept it to himself, he chose to do the right thing and called the owner of the house to let him know about his finding.

According to pfinance.yahoo.com, the owner was so enthusiastic that he decided to repay him generously. While Norman told the owner he did not care much about being repaid saying that “I was raised to be honest and what doesn’t belong to you, you should give back,” , the owner insisted and gave him 10,000 dollars and sold the house to him for only 30,000 dollars.

It is estimated that after repairing it, the house’s worth could be at least three times as much.



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