New online platform combines charity donations with social motivation

blog post huma rightsPromise or pay is a new online platform that combines charitable donations with social motivations. To make it more simple, people go on the Promise or Pay website, make a public promise ( like a New Year Resolution), such as ” This year I will learn to ride a horse” or ” I promise to learn Chinese”, or ” I promise to take on Tai Chi” or whichever desire you want to fulfil and at the same time you promise that if you fail in doing that you will donate a certain amount of money to a charity, such as Earth Rights International, Conservation Strategy Fund, Pandas International, Assistance Dogs Australia and Mineke Foundation.

To make it more simple. You go on the website, make the promise, try to fulfil that promise until a certain date and you update your information before the due date if you managed to keep the promise. If you didn’t manage until the deadline, the money goes to a charity that you chose.

Remember how many times we promise ourselves that this year we will lose weight or we will start learning more foreign languages or reading more books or travelling? Now this application will motivate us to do it and if we fail, at least we will still help the world by donating to a worthy cause. It will no longer be something that we will regret not doing.

Here are some examples of promises that people have already done on this website

” I promise to learn five new Italian words every weekday or pay $100 dollars to Animal Welfare League NSW.”

“I promise to join a social netball team by February or pay $50 dollars to African People and Wildlife Fund”

If you are interested or just curious to see what’s this about, you can check out their website or go on twitter or Facebook.


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