Tiny homes- a project to save the homeless

While many ideas were put out there over the years to help the homeless, some successful and some not very successful, a group of people ( from charities and religious groups) have come up with the best idea of all- building tiny homes for the homeless. It seems an obvious solution and I wonder how people did not think about it before.

It seems the idea got very popular as tiny houses are being built all over the United States. Occupy Madison Inc. is one of the charities that contributes to this process. The houses are built thanks to donated material and volunteers. The only thing required from the homeless is to respect the property (by taking care of it), avoid drugs and alcohol. The houses cost about 5,000 dollars each and have a double bed, storage,a table and a toilet. Unfortunately the house does not have electricity but it does have a heater and it is properly insulated.

If you want to help them, you can by volunteering if you live in the Madison area or by donating money through their website.




Daily mail



Photographer catches friends’ reaction to wonderful news

While most impressive photographs catch a dramatic event or someone’s personal drama, a photographer decided to create his own project but focusing on a the sunny side of life. So, when finding out that he’s going to be a father, he decided to go around his friends and relatives and tell them. But not before catching their reaction by photographing them. The project is called ” I’m going to be a dad” and it was taken by  Tom Robinson. I think it’s a great idea for anyone to catch those happy moments in life!

You can view the pictures here

Take a chance on adopting animals!

The SPCA (pet adoption organization) has come up with a really fun video to encourage people to adopt pets. They thought of a great ABBA song (Take a chance on my) and  danced with cute puppies and kittens. Watch them having fun!

An organization that really saves animals: Edgar’s mission

edgar's mission_nEdgar’s mission is a non profit organisation that has a really noble cause- saving animals. I am happy to report about this type of people that see it worth saving not only dogs and cats but also lambs, chickens and pigs.  While we see dogs as man’s best friend and we see cats as intelligent animals, why don’t we see sheep the same? Or cows? Did you know cows actually have best friends?

Edgar’s Mission makes a difference in the world and makes no difference between the animals that they choose to save.

Their story began in 2013 when Pam Ahern rescued a pig which she named Edgar Alan Pig. Pam was loved the pig so much that she decided to quit her job and to start this organization on a 60 acre farm in Victoria, Australia. And now she provides care for around 300 animals. You can visit their website and see the stories of animals that have been rescued (like Ana Pavlova, the chicken or Baa Baa the sheep) and you can help them by donating. Visit their website here or check out their Facebook page.

See here why people that work at Edgar’s mission, love their work


An inspirational video that reminds us to care more about others

Many times we judge people from our point of view, even if we try not to be racist or sexist or just plain judgemental. But we never know what’s behind people’s appearances, unless they are our closest friends. Your waiter was rude? Maybe, he just found out he’s going to be fired or he lost someone he loved. Your teacher seemed absent? Maybe she just filed for divorce. While, I’m not trying to give excuses to people behaving bad, I’m trying to say that sometimes real dramas are happening and we don’t know it and we just assume things. Not everybody knows when you had a bad day, just like it’s impossible for you to know if your doctor had a bad day and does not really feel like chatting.

We should try to just be nice to people and we just might make their day a little bit brighter.

This video will explain this better.

Japanese man risks his life to save over 500 animals

You might love your pet dog or cat or turtle a lot and you might be able to sacrifice a thing or two for them but would you be willing to risk your life to save his?

Keigo Sakamoto is an amazing man that decided to risk his life to save over 500 animals. How is he risking his life?  Well, (according to tenthousandthingsfromkyoto.blogspot.co.uk) after March 2011, the Japanese government decided to  evacuate the residents that lived around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex. When the evacuation occured, people were forced to leave thousands of animals behind and that was because they thought they will come back after everything will go back to normal. Some people managed to get a few animals with them but some did not have any choice. Animals like dogs and cats and farm animals were left behind.

Keigo Sakamoto though, refused to go and leave the animals behind so he arranged an area to save and care for the left animals. And so, only 20 kilometres from the nuclear complex, Keigo is caring for over 500 animals, like chickens, dogs and cats, all by himself. While some people think of him as crazy, some consider him a hero.

See his amazing story here.

Honest cleaner rewarded with 10,000 dollars

honest cleaner1Norman Saleh was hired to clean a house in Dearborn Heights, Michigan when he accidentaly found a box of  saving bonds worth 100,000 dollars. While he could have kept it to himself, he chose to do the right thing and called the owner of the house to let him know about his finding.

According to pfinance.yahoo.com, the owner was so enthusiastic that he decided to repay him generously. While Norman told the owner he did not care much about being repaid saying that “I was raised to be honest and what doesn’t belong to you, you should give back,” , the owner insisted and gave him 10,000 dollars and sold the house to him for only 30,000 dollars.

It is estimated that after repairing it, the house’s worth could be at least three times as much.


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