American state successfully eradicates homelessness

Utah is successfully reducing homelessness thanks to a project that has started in 2004 and will probably end by 2015. homelesness_nThe project is called homelessness chronic and it already successfully managed to take around 2,000 people off the streets in 8 years, which meant that they reduced homelessness by 74 percent. They managed to do all this by doing something quite simple. They gave away apartments without asking anything in return. According to, the cost of a person having ER visits and going to jail would cost around 16,670 dollars a year, while it would cost 11,000 dollars a year to be provided with an apartment and a social worker. It seems that the costs are so high because homeless people are using jail as an emergency shelter and they tend to spend statistically more days in hospitals than other patients( this research reports).

According to a Utah research there are around 3.5 million Americans that will be in a state of homelessness annually and so Utah decided to take matters in their own hands. Their solution was not only to provided permanent housing, but also to offer help with finding a job, do training, treatment programmes for mental health or substance abuse.


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