25 positive news websites that will keep you in a good mood.

positive news)Nowadays it seems that every newspaper and news broadcast is focused on bad news. It gives you the feeling that the world has gone mad and nothing good ever happens. But still things can’t be that bad. Somebody must do something good somewhere. So why we never hear about it? Mainly maybe because drama and violence sell. So where can you look for some positive news? Where can you find out about amazing people that change the world, how to cook healthy foods, new ecological solutions for a better life, saving money, enjoying life, with articles that would motivate you to follow your dreams, to let go of hate, envy, to enjoy every little piece of your life?

Well, the good news is that there are a few good news websites out there. Here are some of the best (according to me):

Sites in English

1. Positive News

Positive news is focused more on British positive news, interviews with interesting people and ecological news.

2.. Huffington Post Good News

Huffington Post has a special section which is focused on good news, however most of the time is focused on cute animal videos more than actual news.

3.Elephant journal

While it’s main focus is on yoga practice, advice and discussions, the site does offer some interesting articles that make you think…positive, such as information about food, taking care of your body. the downside of this site is that you are allowed to read only 2-3 articles a day maximum, and if you want more you can subscribe and pay. But if you can limit yourself to 2-3 articles, then you are fine.

4. Upworthy

Upworthy is focused more on video sharing. It’s the easiest to follow on facebook. Their videos are selected from all over the web, but they are very motivational, uplifting and inspirational. Discussions, talks, funny adds, short movies, and interesting discussions from the followers.

5. Inhabitat

This site focuses more on design and architecture, but they do have some interesting and provoking ideas, esspecially because they are focused on being ecological and environmental friendly.

6. Goodnet

This site is focused on good news from around the world. Simple and positive.

7. Bucharest Lounge

This is a blog in English written by a Dutch woman who has moved to Bucharest and enjoys Romania. You can follow her also on Facebook, where she posts only positive things from around Bucharest.

8.Good News Network

A website focused on good news from around the world.

9.Positive Muslim News

While it is not an actual website, it is a Facebook page that focuses on you guess it, positive news about Muslim people.

10. Good News Planet

This site is focused on good news from around the world.

11. Daily Good

A site that is made to inspire and motivate you.

12. Good News Network

Good News from around the world and Australia!

13. Yes!Magazine

This is also a published awarded magazine . Enjoy online or in print.

14.Better India

A positive Indian news website with news from India. You can find some really interesting inspiring story and some amazing people.

15. Suspended coffees

This is not a simple website and it’s not just about the coffee! This is a movement that started on Facebook and it’s all about helping anyone who needs helping. It’s about giving forward. You can find a lot of inspiring every day stories from readers on their Facebook page.

16. Zen pencils

While not exactly a news website, it will bring tears to your eyes, laughter and joy, because Zen pencils’ comics are amazing. They are inspiring and right on positive.

17. South Africa Good News

Good News from around South Africa

18. Good

A site that offers solutions for living a good life.

19. Good Black News

Good news from around the world.

20. Good News  Finland

Good News from a Finland!

Sites in Spanish


A site in spanish, focused on good news from around the world.

22. Noticias positivas

This website is in Spanish and focuses on Spanish news, such as education,culture, technology and healthy life.

23. Sustenator

This site is focused on solutions.  Technical, ecological, sustainable, anything that helps to improve our lives and also help the environment.

24. Noticias positivas

Argentinian website, focused on good news from around Argentina.

25. Good News Planet

This site is focused on good news from around the world.


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