New relaxing trend. Universities add puppy rooms for stressed students.

Exams time is a stressful time for everyone and if you don’t have the patience to do some meditation or you are feeling too stressed to do some sports, some universities found a really good solution.

In 2012 Dalhousie University decided to add a puppy room to relax their students in this tough time. Aberdeen university in Scotland and also Otago University from New Zeeland borrowed this idea and in 2013 they both added a relaxing puppy room. It seemed this idea is a success as students are allowed 10 minutes each with the puppies and there is already a waiting list for the room.

Ruby Sycamore-Smith, the president of the Otago University association added

“Obviously puppies are really cool because animals destress you, and everyone’s always talking about the importance of petting an animal when you are freaking out. So, I thought about a puppy room. I thought it would be cool to bring puppies to students during exam time when it is so stressful.”

Wouldn’t it be cool if all universities and schools would adopt this idea?





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