Billboard in Peru produces water out of air

A billboard in Lima, Peru is producing water. It’s not magic and it’s not miraculous. Actually, it’s the work of the University of of Engineering and Technology of Peru, which was looking for a special advert to attract future students for the 2013 enrolment. Thus, they asked the help of an advertising agency and soon came up with the idea of transforming the city’s water saturated air into drinkable water.

This billboard is powered by electricity and contains an inverse osmosis filtration system that produces around 20 litres of water. The water then travels to a tank where there is a simple water tap. According to, this billboard has produced 9,450 litres of water in three months. Alejandro Aponte, the creative director of Mayo DraftFCB said “We wanted future students to see how engineers can also solve social needs in daily basis kinds of situations,”. Sounds like a good idea and a good solution for the areas of the globe that confront with water shortages.




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