Does money really bring happiness? A journalist investigates.

Some say money brings happiness. Some disagree. But at the end of the day we all wish for more money to enjoy our lives. Some say that maybe money don’t bring happiness but at least it supports it financially.

How about rich people? Are they truly enjoying their money? What would you do if you had millions of dollars or pounds or yens? Would you buy a big house, an expensive car, shiny jewellery? How about years after that when you bought everything you could ask for? Would you get bored? Would you start throwing money on ridiculous things like a very rare bottle of wine worth 100,000 dollars or would you eat a 160 dollar steak?

Benjamin Wallace is a journalist that had the opportunity to investigate the world of the rich and to have a taste of their taste. He savoured a 160 dollar steak, ate a 120 dollar pasta with white truffles at a restaurant, visited a hotel room worth 30,000 dollars a night and washed his hands with a 125 dollars soap. Did he feel any better? Well, the food was average and nobody complimented him on his skin. Do the rich really live better than us? See his very entertaining talk here.


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