Tim’s place. Tasty lunch, great atmosphere and free hugs!

Tim Harris can count himself as an accomplished man at only 27 years’ old. He was born with Down Syndrome but that did not stop him from accomplishing his dreams. Thanks to his amazing parents, Tim managed to open a restaurant ( Tim’s place) that has his own personal touch. What does that mean?

Well, Tim does not only serve delicious food but he also serves hugs. This is not an advert to attract clients, but according to the Trip advisor reviewers, Tim actually acknowledges his clients, talks to them, is very friendly, makes them feel like home and gives them hugs.

This is what a reviewer said

Don’t forget to stop by Tim’s Place – for all sorts of reasons, wonderful cinnamon rolls, good breakfasts, lunch is very good. And the best hugs on the planet. The staff is excellent, very polite, very cheerful, & it is easy to understand why with the positive outlook of Tim.

If you are curious about Tim’s place, you can visit his website http://timsplaceabq.com/, write him an email, or go personally and have a delicious lunch and a free hug! ( by the way this is the restaurant’s address – 8050 Academy Rd. NE #101, Albuquerque, NM)



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