How to help a friend in need. Animated short video.

When a friend is in trouble or in a dilemma and asks for your advice, what do you do? For me, I used to listen to the story and then tried to make my friend see the good side of things. For example, if my friend said

” My relationship is not going so well”.

I would say ” Yes, but you are in a relationship at least.” or ” Yes, but your boyfriend/girlfriend has a lot of qualities”.

Or if my friend said ” Oh, I hate my job”. I would say ” At least you have a job. In this economy is really hard to find another one.”

Little did I know that I was not doing the right thing by saying these things. I thought I was helping him or her to see the positive side of the problem, when in fact I should have done things differently.

Here is a very interesting animation video that explains how we should actually act with people that come to us for help or advice.





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