Five year old girl rants about gender- typed toys

While we all strive for equality, we still impose and force gender stereotypes on our children. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Corporations know and exploit this to the maximum. Shouldn’t we leave our children free to choose what they like and what they want to be? Why wouldn’t girls be allowed to play with super hero character toys and toy cars and boys to be allowed to play with puppets or fluffy plush animals?

Media plays an important part in this stereotyping. There are several sitcoms and movies that make men feeling guilty about the fact that they used to play with puppets when they were children or that they used to try on girl clothes. Those characters are usually portrayed as losers, geeks, not being able to be socially successful.

How many of us are tricked into this stereotyping and how much has this stereotyping influenced our life since we were children? How many of us go beyond stereotyping and society pressure and do what we like?

I believe we are all born with a sense of equality and lack of prejudices or judgement. However, we are influenced later by the environment.

As an example watch this little girl who has realised what companies are doing and is not letting herself being tricked by marketing.



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