Why people fail in following their dreams

Carpe diem. Follow your dream. Follow your passion. We hear this message and we see it everywhere, yet most of us decide not to chase it, even if we know it would make us happier than our every day boring job. It mostly puzzles me when on Facebook people post all kinds of quotes and pictures with – be happy and do what makes you happy, yet I know 99% of these people do not do it. Do they do it then to torture themselves? When confronted, these people just find excuses for not following their dreams, even if their dream is just eating pumpkin flavoured chocolate or getting a nice dress. Larry Smith discusses the same thing on TED talks in a funny and entertaining kind of way. If you don’t have the patience to watch the whole video, here are some of the things he says:

“No matter how many times people tell you, if you want a great career you have to pursue your passion, you have to pursue your dreams you have to pursue your greatest fascination in your life. You hear it again and again and then you decide not to do it .(…) I’m not sure why you decide not to do it. You’re too lazy to do it, it’s too hard, you’re afraid if you look for your passion and don’t find it you’ll feel like an idiot so then you make excuses about why you’re not going to look for your passion.”

So what excuses do people find?

Here’s the most common excuses (according to Larry Smith):

  •  Out of luck

“ Great careers are really for most people just a matter of luck. So I’ll stay and wait for a career.”

  • I am not a genius

“ Geniuses. I am not a genius. I thought I was but my professors beat that idea from my head”

  • I am not weird enough

“People that pursue their passions are a little strange. But I’m not weird. I am normal and nice. And nice and normal people don’t  have passions.”

  • I wouldn’t sacrifice my friends/wife/husband/children for my dream

“ I value human relationships more. I want to be a great friend, spouse, parent and I will not sacrifice them on the altar of great accomplishment. But do you really want to look at you spouse and you kid and see your jailers? Don’t you want to watch your kid in the eye and say ‘go for it just like I did’?”

For an entertaining and indeed motivational video take a look here



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