Teenager donates 600 pounds worth of groceries to charity

Jordon Cox, a 16 year old teenager has managed to collect 600 pounds worth of coupons and bought food that he gave away to a charity that helps families for Christmas.

According to Telegraph, in order to find the coupons, Jordon spent hist time online and went through several websites to find suitable coupons. After that he went and bought three carts of groceries and paid in the end only 4 pence for 572 pounds worth of groceries. The food was donated to Doorstep charity, which helps financially challenged families.

You can see Jordon here talking about his Christmas challenge.


How to help a friend in need. Animated short video.

When a friend is in trouble or in a dilemma and asks for your advice, what do you do? For me, I used to listen to the story and then tried to make my friend see the good side of things. For example, if my friend said

” My relationship is not going so well”.

I would say ” Yes, but you are in a relationship at least.” or ” Yes, but your boyfriend/girlfriend has a lot of qualities”.

Or if my friend said ” Oh, I hate my job”. I would say ” At least you have a job. In this economy is really hard to find another one.”

Little did I know that I was not doing the right thing by saying these things. I thought I was helping him or her to see the positive side of the problem, when in fact I should have done things differently.

Here is a very interesting animation video that explains how we should actually act with people that come to us for help or advice.




Ad shows how we may possibly live our last 10 years of life

Some people say that it does not matter how you lead your life, if you eat healthy or not, because you are going to die anyway. However, do you want the last years of your life to be spent on a hospital bed, struggling with your health instead of spending some time travelling or just enjoying your time with you friends and family, being able to go anywhere you want and do what you want without any issues?

Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada made this ad that shows such a story. The story of a man and how he could live his last ten years. The ad shows us two versions of his life at the same time. One is him being ill in a hospital bed and the other version shows him healthy and enjoying his time with his family.



Homeless man launches smart phone aplication

Leo Grand, a 37 year old homeless man was given the chance to either get 100 dollars or to learn how to code. He made the wise choice and learnt how to code and now he is the proud creator of a mobile app.

How was this possible? Thanks to Patrick McConlogue, a programmer who passed by Leo Grand everyday for a few months until he decided to to something about it. So he offered the man 100 dollars or the opportunity for him to learns coding. The man accepted and in a few months of learning Leo has developed an app which went on sale for 99 cents. The app helps drivers and people who need cars to get together and trave together, with the purpose of saving money and reducing pollution.  All money received from this app will go towards Leo’s education.

If you want to check out his app go to http://signup.treesforcars.com/

First world problems read by third world citizens

Are first world problems real problems or are we just spoiled? This ad campaign by Water is Life charity shows third world citizens reading first world citizens’ problems.

The video shows Haitian children and adults reading complaints like ” I hate when my phone charger won’t reach my bed” or  ” I hate when my leather seats aren’t heated.” These issues look like spoiled children’s complaints when you compare to the real issues that the world has- lack of clean drinking water, which is the world’s main cause of diseases.


Five year old girl rants about gender- typed toys

While we all strive for equality, we still impose and force gender stereotypes on our children. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Corporations know and exploit this to the maximum. Shouldn’t we leave our children free to choose what they like and what they want to be? Why wouldn’t girls be allowed to play with super hero character toys and toy cars and boys to be allowed to play with puppets or fluffy plush animals?

Media plays an important part in this stereotyping. There are several sitcoms and movies that make men feeling guilty about the fact that they used to play with puppets when they were children or that they used to try on girl clothes. Those characters are usually portrayed as losers, geeks, not being able to be socially successful.

How many of us are tricked into this stereotyping and how much has this stereotyping influenced our life since we were children? How many of us go beyond stereotyping and society pressure and do what we like?

I believe we are all born with a sense of equality and lack of prejudices or judgement. However, we are influenced later by the environment.

As an example watch this little girl who has realised what companies are doing and is not letting herself being tricked by marketing.


Millionaire cleans street to set example

Most of us dream of being millionaires so we wouldn’t have to go work anymore, but Yu Youzhen has chosen to work in spite of being a millionaire.

Yu Youzhen was a simple farmer but worked her way up the financial ladder by buying apartments that she rented. After losing the apartments due to government redevelopment of land, she was compensated financially and thus became a millionaire. However, she decided not to change her lifestyle, which meant she continued to work in sanitation in order to set a good eample for her children. Therefore, she wakes up at 3 am  and sweeps two miles of road, six days a week. But what motivates her to do this when she has money? I know most of us would gladly spend the day sleeping late and enjoying the money. Well, her motivation is simple. According to Huffington post , Youzhen said that “Work is not just about the salary, it makes one focused. Laziness gives rise to all sorts of bad habits.” As an example, her fellow villagers that were compensated by the government chose to spend their money on drugs and gambling.

What would you do if you became a millionaire?


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