The secret to eternal youth? Annette Larkins has got it!

Here is someone who has the secret to staying young forever. Annette Larkins is a 71 year old woman who does not look a year over 40. What is her secret? Expensive cosmetics? Surgery? Magic? The answer is quite simple and quite obvious. Food.

Annette Larkins’s secret to eternal youth is eating the right foods. Which means, she does not eat meat or dairy and she chooses to eat only raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, which she personally grows in her own garden. She takes good care of her garden as she does not use any pesticides and waters them with rain water.

However, Annette hasn’t always eaten like this. 27 years ago she used to eat like everyone else, meat and dairy. One day she decided to improve the way she ate and slowly ( it took her a few years) changed her diet. Her husband, who is 54 years old unfortunately did not change his diet and as a result when they go out together people often believe she is his own daughter.

It is quite clear now that we do not need to spend our money on expensive cosmetics and surgery and the change must come from what we eat. We need to choose wisely.

You can visit her site here 


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