The “Pink”Gang. A successful women’s movement.

Gulabi Gang or the ‘Pink’ Gang is an Indian women group that transformed itself in an amazing women’s movement that nowadays not only fights for women’s rights but also against any type of injustice.

The story of the group began in 2006, when Sampat Pal Devi a woman from a village in Northern India noticed how a man was beating his wife. She asked the man to stop but she was also attacked by him. However the woman did not let him get away with his behaviour, returning the next day with five women carrying bamboo sticks and gave him a correction. The news spread fast and many women started to ask her for help. Soon enough a big number of women joined her and thus the Pink Gang was born.

If at the beginning her team was tackling issues such as female illiteracy, domestic violence and child marriage, her team started to focus on several other issues that concerned the area. Thus the Gulabi Gang protests if there any injustices in the area, investigating and bringing complains to the police. Gulabi Gang are involved in many acts of justice in their area. For example, they shame publicly offenders that abuse their wives, they help with the distribution of grains with the purpose of feeding poor people, they support through advice elderly widows in getting their pension, and they tackle human rights abuses.

Gulabi Gang is truly a story of success and courage.

For more information, check their official website.


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