Words hurt and words heal. How bullying affects all of us.

Words hurt and words heal. Bad words hurt whenever we hear them. Any small criticism reaches your heart, even if we pretend not to hear it. ” You’re not good enough”, ” Try harder”.

But how about when we say those words that hurt? What if we don’t realise that we say it because the person does not react and we assume they were not hurt and they don’t care? Well, they do care. But they try not to show it. If we say to our school mate ” you’re stupid”, he will remember, he will put it in his mind and if he will get another ” stupid” from another person that day at school, at home or another place, every single day, he will remember. He might not show it, but his soul will bleed. Every time we bully or we criticize just for the sake of criticizing we contribute to that wound.

That is the problem. We might not realize we are bullying. We might think it’s a joke. ” Ha! his hair looks funny today! Hey, what did you sleep in the tree?” Oh, you got a reaction from your group of friends and everyone is laughing. Feeling good now about myself. Quick, let’s find another good joke because anyway this guy does not mind, he does not react.” Hey, your hair looks like you slept with the monkeys. Hey, Mowgli!”. That must work. Everyone is laughing. Now I really feel good about myself. I am popular, I am really having the best day! Let’s all go have some drinks. Whatever with that guy, he must know we are joking. What he doesn’t recognize a joke when he hears one? Oh, God, what a sensitive person. Life is funny, he should laugh, what’s with the mad face? Oh, well whatever!”

Words hurt. Be careful what you say.

Here’s a poem /animated video that should be watched by all of us, whether we are bullies or not, whether we are bullied or not.


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  1. Savio R
    Dec 10, 2013 @ 20:31:08

    Bullies are mentally very sick individuals. They need to be called out and treated medically for their mental illness or institutionalized.


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