Youtube group helps people by giving back

I have written before about a trend on YouTube, that has been started by True Story Asa, by posting videos about helping unfortunate people by donating money, clothes or other things that might help them. The response was really good as this group has become quite popular and has encouraged and determined their followers and viewers to help unfortunate people. There are quite some nice new movements around the world that encourage people to help those in need ( such as the suspended coffee project and the suspended bread project) and recently I have found GiveBackFilms that have started just a few weeks ago to post videos with donating money to homeless people, paying for people’s drive thru, or giving a big tip to a waitress.

I have noticed some people criticising these videos, saying that these people do these things with the purpose of getting famous, but I am saying what is wrong with doing a good deed for fame? I guess this would be the best thing you could do for fame. If most people would do this for fame, the world would be indeed a better place.

Here are two videos that this group posted


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