Revolutionary invention will help save lives

At only 18 years old, Meghan Shea has already reasons to be proud of her achievements. While on a science fellowship at Texas Tech University in 2012, Meghan has managed to invent a simple water filter that is capable of removing bacteria such as E.coli. This is a revolutionary invention, as this is claimed to be able to be built by anyone and it could help so many countries to save lives. “For people who are currently drinking contaminated water and don’t have access to another (filtration) method, I think this is really a step in the right direction”, Meghan has told NBC News.

Moringa oleifera tree seed filter

Meghan thought about creating this filter, during her fellowship, while reading about the Moringa oleifera tree. Apparently this tree when it is immersed in water, releases proteins that coagulate and this helps other filters (charcoal) to capture bacteria. Unfortunetly filters made of this type of seeds would be too difficult to get for people in poor countries. So she thought of using a filter system made out of PVC piping, soil, charcoal and fabric.

This filter would be much cheaper than the existing filters around the world, especially that this tree happens to be cultivated all around the world.  Moreover, Meghan came up with the idea of not selling the actual device but just sending instructions of how to build it, with the help of the NGOs that are helping poor communities in need of clean water.

“Instead of bringing new devices, they could be bringing knowledge and disseminating knowledge. And if they don’t already have the trees growing, they could be distributing seeds. That would be a lot cheaper than a lot of the devices currently being used.”, said Meghan who has just started studying at Standford university.

Due to her achievement, Meghan Shea was named one of the top 10 innovators of 2013 and was awarded Next Generation Award by Popular Mechanics magazine.


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