Gardening helps you live longer

_DSC0353_01Gardening or plain working around the house has been proven to be beneficial for people over the age of 60.

The study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine and researched by  The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences on a sample of 4,232 individuals claims that simply doing your house chores would help you prevent heart attack and stroke.

The study has drawn attention to the fact that sedentary life is increasing in our society and it has limited physical activity.  It is no wonder we have a sedentary life when  you think about the fact that when we go outside just to shop we always take the car, the train, the bus and then we use the elevator or choose the escalator instead of taking the stairs plain and simple. What is more ridiculous is that after that we pay hundreds of pounds/dollars/euros to go to the gym and get rid of the extra pounds.

However most individuals do not choose to go to the gym.Thus, nowadays we are more at risk with having high cholesterol and cardiovascular health problems.

Solution? Get up and do some housework!

The study has shown that doing simple things around the house such as repairing your house, cutting the grass or picking up fruits will help your overall health. The results of the research have revealed that being physically active reduces the risk of heart attack with 27% and death from any illness with 30%. The study  aimed individuals over 60 years of age because they are more prone to sitting around the house and lacking physical activity.

I say let’s not wait until we’re 60 to get off the sofa and do some vacuuming!


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