The secret to eternal youth? Annette Larkins has got it!

Here is someone who has the secret to staying young forever. Annette Larkins is a 71 year old woman who does not look a year over 40. What is her secret? Expensive cosmetics? Surgery? Magic? The answer is quite simple and quite obvious. Food.

Annette Larkins’s secret to eternal youth is eating the right foods. Which means, she does not eat meat or dairy and she chooses to eat only raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, which she personally grows in her own garden. She takes good care of her garden as she does not use any pesticides and waters them with rain water.

However, Annette hasn’t always eaten like this. 27 years ago she used to eat like everyone else, meat and dairy. One day she decided to improve the way she ate and slowly ( it took her a few years) changed her diet. Her husband, who is 54 years old unfortunately did not change his diet and as a result when they go out together people often believe she is his own daughter.

It is quite clear now that we do not need to spend our money on expensive cosmetics and surgery and the change must come from what we eat. We need to choose wisely.

You can visit her site here 


Why organic is better

There are a lot of articles, TV shows, studies and discussions about organic foods. But what is the difference between organic and non organic vegetables and fruits?  Why are organic vegetables and fruits better? Why should we bother buying organic fruits? Why pay more? Or why bother going to the farmers’ market when we could get some fruits on our weekly supermarket shopping?

A research by Rutgers University shows us what are the differences between organic and non organic snap beans, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach. The study has compared  supermarket vegetables ( non organic) and vegetables sold by health shops.


What other differences are between Organic and Non organic vegetables and fruits?

Eating organic products helps you

  • avoid the ingestion of pesticides sprayed on fruits and veggetables ( that increases the risk of developing cancer,Parkinson disease)
  • avoid GMO products
  • benefit from a larger amount of vitamins ( organic foods are richer in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and iron)
  • avoiding food additives  ( which cause asthma, head aches, allergies, heart disease, cancer)
  • reduce the risk of developing several diseases such as cancer, heart disease and allergies.

Here’s a nice video graphic that explains why organic is better

For every girl born, Indian village plants 111 trees

The birth of a child brings happiness to any family, but to a village in India it means much more, especially if it’s a girl. In Piplantri village, in the Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district, India, for the last seven years, people plant 111 trees every time a girl is born.

This tradition was started by a father whose daughter died a few years ago. Since then, the villagers have managed to plant over a quarter million trees in the area and they take care of the trees by planting aloe vera around them. Aloe vera protects the trees from termites and it is also a source of financial profit for the people ( by selling aloe vera gels).

However this is not the only good news coming from this area. Piplantri village also honours girls and women in another way, too. The village committee makes the parents sign an agreement to let their daughter marry at a legal age and to send her to school. If you care to find more, you can check their website.



How trees talk to each other

If you watched Avatar, beyond the main story, you were probably amazed by the visual effects of the magical trees and how the natives of the planet were so connected with the nature and animals and maybe imagined how it would be if in reality this connection really existed. Well, fortunately it exists in reality, however it is not that visible as it is in the movie.

Trees do communicate with us and with each other. In this video, PhD professor Suzanne Sommard explains how trees communicate through a complex system and having mother trees as their hubs. These trees exchange nutrients and thus help each other survive. That means the old trees help the younger trees to survive. Just like a family.

Conservationists save lion’s life

Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth are two conservationists that have saved a lion cub’s life.  Sirga, the lioness has been abandonded as a cub ( in Botswana) , while  two other baby cubs in her pride were killed. She was left without food and suffering from dehydration, when Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth found her and decided to help her.

The two conservationists, who founded the Modisa Wildlife Project in Botswana have been taking care of the lioness, but also have given her enough space to get used to her natural environment. According to Gruener and Legarth have agreed that “We want to release her to the wild eventually as a wild lion, not as one that has met lots of people”.

Watch the two conservationists ant the lioness playing here

Can’t afford to go to university? Here are some free online courses!

If you can’t afford or don’t have the time to go to university, or you live in a different far away country and you can’t _DSC0268attend universities due tot the fact that you would have to leave your whole wonderful life behind, do not despair as there is a great solution for you.

If you have not heard yet about MOOC courses, here’s some great information. MOOC courses are free (yes you read that well…free!), open, online courses, taught at a university level, available to anyone, no matter where you live in the world .

The good news is that the courses cover a huge range of subjects, from mathematics to biology, music, language and computers. The other good news ( there are not bad news on this blog) is that these courses are not only taught in English, but also in other languages such as Japanese, Italian, Arabic, German, Mandarin and Russian.

The courses are uploaded by reputable universities such as Harvard, Cambridge and MIT and are taught by their university professors. While you don’t get a diploma for attending the course, you will get a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

Here are some of the sites where you can attend the courses

Coursera  This site has courses in several languages and subjects such as Arts, Chemistry, Food and Nutrition and Music, film and Audio. According to, Coursera has over 17,000,000 enrolments from students from 190 countries. Their courses come from 85 universities from 16 countries.

EdX has got courses from schools such as Harvard, Cambridge and MIT and offers courses such as Computer Science, Poetry in America, Jazz Appreciation and Introduction to the music business.

MIT offer for free the materials that they themselves use in their courses.

Duolingo is perfect if you are looking to improve your language skills or you are looking to learn a new language. They also have an Iphone application so you can take your course with you everywhere.

If you are looking for a list of courses or sites that offer free courses, the main database for free online courses is



Help a poor child for Christmas. Donate your used toys through shoe box!

Shoebox is a wonderful project that has the purpose of helping poor children. While not everyone has money to donate or time to volunteer, there are still things we can do to help children with limited financial possibilities.

The Shoebox project is quite simple. People donate around Christmas time toys or used clothes to children that cannot afford any of these things. The project was started by a Romanian woman, who used to donate his child’s toys and old clothes to their poorer neighbours with the purpose of teaching his son about sharing.  After a while, talking with her friends and acquaintances through the internet, the project took off and expanded nationally and even internationally. Nowadays, people around the world put every year , just before Christmas, toys and children clothes in a box and send it to one of the centres of collection. Then, around Christmas these gifts are given to assigned financially troubled families with children.

If you would like to give away toys that you don’t need anymore or baby clothes and toys or children clothes, you can donate until 13 of December.

If you want, you can donate or you can create your own center and contact the site , or contact them on twitter @shoeboxromania or Facebook.

Here are the places where you can send your box:



  • London, 8 A Mimosa Court Avenue Road, South Tottenham, London N15 5JF.
  •  Contact: Amalia Boiti, mobil: 07538802572


  • Bilstain, Rue Bergerie no. 14, cod 4831 NR
  • Tel 0493537934 , after  12:30


  • Drancy, RER B statia -Le Bourget bus 143/146 /248, 93700.
  • Contact Bocsa Raluca tel 0662049641 intre orele 09.00 – 20.00
  • Paris: 9 rue du Cèdre 77200 Torcy, Boulangerie du Cèdre
  • Contact Barceanu Crina, between 13 .00 – 15.30


  • Manching: Zahnarztpraxis Zolnowski, Ingolstädter Straße 6a, 85077,
  • Tel: 08459 – 333 51 31(speaking German and English language).
  • Colecting hours- Monday to Friday, 9.00-10.00 and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 17.00-18.00
  • Berlin: PAREXEL International GmbH, Am Bahnhof Westend 11, 14059 Berlin.
  • Contact: Zsófia Jakabfi, tel: +49 152 572 70 878, after 18:00, weekend: Kastanienallee 3, 10435. Call at the intercom the name Titov
  • Düsseldorf:  Sankt Franziskus Straße 187, 40470.
  •  Contact: Dan Groza. Mobil:+491772441398
  • München: Cafe Camera, Schwanthalerstraße 88, 80336 Tel: 089 536482 , between 09:00-18:00.



      •  Catedrala Ortodoxa din cetate, str. Mihai Viteazul, nr 16 – Centrul Judetean de Voluntariat Alba, de luni pana vineri de la 8 – 16.
      • Contact: Tabara Anca – 0752 653040, sau Muresan Aurelia – 0728 826936.


      • Sediul – Adresa: Calea Grivitei nr 33, apartamentul 4, interfon 004C. Persoana contact: Loredana Pricopie: 0731 336 829  Program: L-V: 9 – 18
      • sediul iQueststr. Dr. Nicolae Staicovici Nr. 4A, sectorul 5. Persoana de contact: Luminita Grigoriu, mobil 0721 512 256
      •  Str. Mitropolit Nifon nr.21, Sector 4. Pe usa scrie mare Gatim si Povestim. Persoana de contact: Marcela Dumitrescu tel: 0741 364 733
      • Crayon club, Intrarea Mieilor, 17-21, sector 2, foarte aproape de intersectia Mihai Bravu cu Vatra Luminoasa. Persoana de contact Alecsandra – 0737 349 516. Program colectare: 10:30-18:00, L-V.
      • Piata Victoriei, Bd. Nicolae Titulescu nr. 1, Bl A7, sc.A, ap. 10, et. 4, interfon 10, sector 1. Persoana de contact Roxana Niciev – 0728 877 688. Program colectare: 09:30 – 18:00, L-V
      • Qbebe, zona Eroilor – Str. Elefterie, Nr. 26, Sector 5, sediul Diva Interactive. Persoana de contact: Gabriela Paladi, telefon: 0754 043 650. Programul de colectare: 9:00 – 18:00


      • sediul iQuestCalea Motilor 6-8, etaj 8, Room D. (vis-a-vis de primaria Cluj-Napoca, in curte cu ING Bank). Persoana de contact: Valentin (0758 083 786) – Luni-Vineri intre 12:00 – 17:00
      • sediul iQuest (2), Str. Plopilor nr. 68. Persoana de contact Corina Pandrea. Tel.: 0744 390 094 Luni-Vineri intre 09:00 – 18:00
      • Biblioteca Judeteana “Octavian Goga” Cluj, Sediul Central: Sectia pentru adolescenti, Calea Dorobantilor nr. 104, et.4; luni-vineri 8:00-20:00. Persoana de contact: Georgeta Topan, 0756 080 691
      • Livada – Restaurant cu Gradinastrada Clinicilor nr 14,persoana de contact: Alexandra Rat (0728.800.001). Program:  Luni-Vineri intre 10:00 – 18:00 + in cazuri exceptionale si in weekend
      • Magazin Daliart, in centru pe strada Napoca nr 5, de luni pana vineri de la 10- 19 si sambata de la 11-16, contact Dragota Dalia – 0749 419 458.


      • Junior’s ClubStrada Eroilor 258 ap 1, Ansamblul Multiserv, Floresti, Cluj. Orar Luni-Vineri orele 12-19. Persoana de contact Bianca Selejan telefon 0743938443.


      • sediul iQuest, str. B.P. Hasdeu Nr. 13. Persoana de contact este Sorina Licherdopol, telefon 0372 343 420.


      • sediul iQuest, str. Nicolaus Olahus Nr.5. Persoana de contact este Ioana Comsa, telefon 0372 343 460 si mobil 0742 579 146
      • Atelierul lui Mos Craciun, Targul De Craciun din Sibiu, Piata Mare. Persoana de contact: Asociatia WE HELP! Interval de ore la care se pot aduce cutiiile: 17:00- 19:00. Telefon: 0726481478


      • sediul Magazinului Profrig, Str. George Cosbuc, nr.7 (in fata Autogarii Antares). Program: Luni-Vineri: 10-18; Sambata: 10-12.Persoana de contact: Carmen Craciun- Cirstoiu; tel: 0745 645 153


      • Centrul de Zi , Str. Dragoslavele 6B, Constanta. Program: luni – vineri, 10:00 – 16:00. Persoana de contact: Nuti Matei, tel 0723 159 728


      • Sala Mihai Eminescu – str. Hermann Oberth nr. 12 . Persoane de contact: Oana Sitea: 0742 549 853 si Ina Hentz: 0744 426 171


      • Sto Timisoarastr. Iuliu Maniu nr. 26 ( fosta Resitei), pers de contact Alin Vesa (0730 930 597). Orar: L-V 8-16.30, S 8-12
      • Centrul Crestin Aletheiastr. Iosif Bulbuca nr 15 (zona Calea Buziasului), pers de contact: Vesa Eunice 0726 100 993 (intre 09:00-20:00)


      • Laboratorul Paval Dentstr. Buciumului, nr. 9, cladirea Medimex, etaj 2. Persoana de contact: Catalin Paval, telefon 0784 030 030


      • Strada Domneasca Nr 155 (campus studentesc) Camin H, Parter, Camera 04. Persoane de contact: Rodica Argenti (0747 867 792) si Anca Bria (0744 648 103)
      • str. Brailei nr. 220, DunareaMall, la parter.Program: luni-vineri, între orele 16-20; sâmbata-duminica, între orele 9-13.Persoana de contact: Anca-Elena Bria – 0744 648 103.
      • Piata Micro 39, in Hala de Produse Agroalimentare, Stand A9 (magazin, nu taraba). Program: SAMBATA-DUMINICA, intre orele 9:00 si 13:00. Persoana de contact: ANCA-ELENA BRIA 0744 648 103
      • Piata Centrala, in Hala de Produse Agroalimentare (halele vechi), Stand F10 (tip magazin, nu taraba). Program: SAMBATA-DUMINICA, intre orele 9:00 si 13:00. Persoana de contact: ANCA-ELENA BRIA 0744 648 103


      • sediul CLUBUL RECONECTARIIStr.Duraului nr 24 (langa cofetaria Diana). Persoana de contact: Oana Apetrei, mobil : 0748521627
      • Magazinul Maia OutdoorB-dul Decebal nr 90 (vis-a-vis de Moldocor, Precista) Persoana contact: Dumitrita Luncanu: 0732 004 004
      • Sediu Asociatia Hara, bulevardul Dacia, bl. 8, ap. 24, parter si Galeria Mall Piatra Neamt str. General Dascalescu. Persoana de contact Isabela Serpe Lazar 0744967319


      • Asociatia pentru Dezvoltarea Programelor Sociale (ADPS) Iasi, str. Paun nr.70, in incinta CSC Bucium. Pers. de contact: Madalina Belcescu (0741 090 309) si Ifrosie Laura (0743 752 498)


      • strada Petru Rares nr.1, Cercul Militar Dej. Persoana de contact Magdalena Rus, tel.0748 148 447


      • Sediul Magazinului Belle Boutique, str. Isaccei, Casa Sindicatelor, parter (langa Piata Veche). Persoana de contact: Nascu Adriana 0745 796 208, iar la magazin: Roxana Costea, si Andreea Diaconu-Alexa. Program: Luni-Vineri 10-19, Sambata-Duminica 11-15.


      • SILVASU DE SUS: Casa Huniadi, Str. Principala, nr. 113, Tel: 0372-708 825. Persoana de contact: Cristina, mobil 0745 035 179. Luni – Duminica intre 8:00 si 20:00. Cei din Deva va rog sunati si este posibilitate de a aduce cutiile si la Deva.
      • Asociatia Umanitara “Punctul Central”strada Ion Luca Caragiale, Nr 20 330014 (in cadrul Full Shpping Center). Persoane de contact: Cosmescu Gherasim (0766 678 868) si Mihalcea Felicia (0727 706 745)


      • Cabinet Stomatologic Melania Cojocaru – Adresa: Bvd Carol I, Bl J3, interfon 2. Persoana de contact Rares Cojocaru – 0753 777 081. Program Marti-Sâmbata 16-20. (În afara programului este mai dificil, dar putem putem discuta la telefon)
        Sediul iQueststr. 13 Septembrie nr 7. Persoana de contact: Andra Dumitru, mobil:  0746 237 133


      • Strada Smeurei 56 A, vis-a vis de galeriile Praxis. Persoana de contact: Vilcea Roxana (0756 414 184).


      • strada Tribunalului nr. 6, cabinet de avocat Jurau Sînziana Maria, strada Tribunalului nr. 6. Persoana de contact: Sînziana Jurau (0742 771 074) (luni-vineri 8-18).


      • Strada Nicolae Iorga nr. 10 (în spatele internatului liceului A.T. Laurian), în incinta Sindicatului Învatamântului Preuniversitar. Persoana de contact: Alina Biolan (0754 407 397).


      • Biblioteca Judeteana “Nicolae Iorga” Ploiesti – sectia de copii, str. Subl. Erou Calin Catalin, Nr. 1, Palatul Culturii. Persoana de contact Stefi Ionescu, mobil 0720 834 037 si Valentina Craciun 0729 254 832
      • Scoala cu clasele I-VIII “Mihai Eminescu ” Ploiesti, Bulevardul Bucuresti, nr 25 A, persoana de contact : Stefi Ionescu 0720834037


      • Agentie de turism International Triumph, bdul. Traian, nr. 5. Persoana de contact: Loredana Ionescu, tel. 0758 088 082.


      • Asociatia Culturala “Mediasul Nostru”, str. Piata Regele Ferdinand nr. 3, persoana de contact Mircea Hodarnau, tel.0728 306 806.


      • Str. Ousorului, Nr.25. Persoana de contact Abalasei Camelia – 0741 370 738. Program: Luni-Vineri – 16-20, Sambata si Duminica:12-20.


      • Str Gheorghe Baritiu nr 29. Persoana de contact Dobroni Alexandra, tel 0755 379 727


      • Centru de Recuperare si Educare a Persoanelor cu Dizabilitati “Raza de Soare”, strada Dimitrie Cantemir, nr. 2A ( vis-a-vis de fosta ICRA ).Persoana de contact: Carmen Sabau, mobil 0742 294 834. Luni-vineri  13-19.


      • Liceul Tehnologic Timotei Cipariu, str. Dr. Vasile Suciu, nr 25, cod 515400, persoana de contact Neagoie Aurelia, tel 0740 027 376, program 8-13 sau secretariatul unitatii.


      • str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 21, birou 10 (biroul de traduceri G&A Translations), la parter in capatul holului. Persoana contact: Adriana Constantinescu
        Nr. tel: 0764 01 88 92. Program functionare: 08.30 – 15.30, L-V sau la telefon in orice alt moment al zilei sau in weekend (in limita unei ore decente).


      • Biserica Baptista Harulstr. Sf. Varvara. Persoane de contact: Cristina Helena Pec, tel: 0767 641 050; Petrisor Calipar, tel: 0720 022 708.


      • Libraria Gramma.rostr. Micalaca bl. 246, ap. 17, parter (vis-a-vis de Profi, in spatele Pietei Soarelui). Persoana de contact: Preda-Musat Emilia, tel 0749 105 923 sau 0257 259 007


      • strada Jocului, bl. UJ 22, apt. 10. Persoana de contact: Florin Voinea, telefon 0756 792 434, între orele 17.00-22.00.
      • GRAND MALL SATU MARE, str. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 2, vis a vis de Biserica cu Lanturi. Intervalul orar: sambata si duminica intre 8:00-20:00
        si persoana de contact oricand Mic Roxana, Tel.: 0743 674 395


      • FUNDATIA MAGDALENA DEIJS, Str. 1 Decembrie 1918, bl. M5, sc. A, ap. 03, Mangalia, Judetul Constanta, Interfon 03. Persoana de contact: Stefan Elena 0740 047 101


      • Comuna Salasul de Sus nr.41, judetul Hunedoara. Intervalul de timp 9:00-21:00
        nr.telefon 0254 779 657 si 0765 985 656 – dupa ora15:00. Persoana de contact: Rus Cornelia


      • Casa Rafael, Andrei, Antonio si Alexandru. Str. Târgului nr. 11 Oras Bragadiru, Judet Ilfov. Relatii la telefon:  0720 041 940, persoana de contact: Rozalia


      • Sediul II Bazac GinaStrada Ialomitei nr 54, Comuna Perieti, Sat Perieti. Persoana de contact Gina Bazac 0721 236 337 si David Laura 0724 142 963. programul este de Luni pana Duminica intre orele 7 – 20.


    • Aleea Teilor, bl.4, sc.1, ap.2, judet Gorj, zona 9 Mai. Persoana de contact: Alexandra Babuca. Tel.: 0767 061 637. Program: Luni-Vineri, orele 8.00-9.50 si seara dupa orele 18.00; Sambata si duminica, cu un telefon in prealabil.

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