Animals banned in circuses in UK!


If you’ve ever been to the circus or just watched it on TV, maybe you remember tigers jumping through circles of fire, horses running around while acrobats were jumping from one horse to another, elephants sitting on two legs or monkeys performing gymnastics.

While some of us thought it was hilarious ( or if you were an innocent kid who did not know any better), these animals did suffer. They did not have the freedom to move around  like they would do in their free environment and more than that, they would have been forced to perform ( under the threat of being beaten) for our own amusement.

Luckily it seems things are getting better as in UK the animals have been banned in circuses. According to, RSPCA, Born Free Foundation, the British Veterinary Association and Captive Animals’ Protection Society  have finally convinced the government to ban them. Dr. Ros Clubb, RSCPA senior scientist has added:

“It is a great relief that the government has listened to reason and we are back on track to getting a proper ban on the use of all wild animals in circuses. As the Government has pointed out, there is absolutely no basis for protecting only a select group of wild animals, and no desire to do so from MPs, the public or animal welfare groups. No wild animals belong in a circus.”

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