Russell Brand: why voting is not working and why he’s calling for change



While most actors avoid telling their own opinions and just comply with the rules of their movie companies, Russell Brand tells it how it is. Whether you love or hate him or whether you don’t really care about him as an actor or comedian, his opinions are not something we should ignore.

This actor is widely known for his Hollywood movies, however his behaviour is not very Hollywood like. In an interview with Jeremy Paxman from BBC show, Newsnight, Russell has expressed his opinion on voting, corporations and on what people should do to change the current disastrous economical and political situation.

First of all, Russell has recognised that voting never helped countries, because well, maybe because politicians did what they wanted anyway, no matter what the population has decided.  If we changed our leaders, why did our situation not improve? Maybe, because all politicians are in the same pot and they just pretend to be against each other to make us falsely believe that we are in a true democracy? Talking about voting, Russell said:


“I don’t think it’s working very well Jeremy, given that the planet is  being destroyed, given that there is economic disparity of a huge degree.


I’m not voting out of apathy, but I’m not voting out of absolute indifference and weariness and exhaustion from the lies, treachery  and deceit of the political class that is being going on from generation now.”

“I don’t think it works”

“ The apathy doesn’t come from us the people, the apathy comes from the politicians. They are only interested in serving the needs of the corporations.”


We might think, is he right or is he telling lies? How do we know that politicians are serving the needs of corporations?  Well, if we do a bit of research we find out that in USA, a former Monsanto lawyer (Clarence Thomas) is now a supreme court Judge and the US Secretary of Agriculture (Anne Veneman) was also in the Board of Directors of Monsanto’s corporation, both pushing biotechnology agriculture ( that has been forbidden in other countries).

However, these are not the only issues that Russell brought in discussion.


“ The planet is being destroyed, we are creating an underclass, we are exploiting poor people all over the world and there are genuinely legitimate problems that people are not being addressed by our political class.”

We might think how could these things happen in highly developed countries, how could there be such a big difference in wealth between rich and poor? And who and what causes it?

“I think there is a huge disparity between rich and poor, where 300 Americans have the same amount of wealth as their 85 million poorest Americans, where there is an exploited under served underclass being continually ignored, where welfare is slashed”


But, finally, discussing it will not bring anyone anywhere, unless someone brings out a solution. Russell Brands’s idea calls for a big change.


“ I’m calling for change. I’m calling for genuinely alternatives.”

“We know voting will make no difference”.

“A socialist egalitarian system based on the massive distribution of wealth, heavy taxation of corporations and massive responsibility for energy companies and any company exploiting the environment.I think the very concept of profit should be hugely reduced. Profit is a filthy word because everywhere there is profit there is deficit”

While media is feeding us all the time with reality TV, celebrity useless news and superficial information, they forget to mention the protests around the world, the protests against Monsanto, the latest large protests against fracking in UK, Poland and Romania. Few celebrities mention what real people want and need. However, luckily, we have the internet to express ourselves, to use it as a tool in spreading our opinions, to make changes and to spread the truth.


This movement is already occurring, it’s happening everywhere,”. “We’re in a time when communication is instantaneous and there are communities all over the world. The Occupy movement made a difference even if in that it only introduced into the popular public lexicon the idea of the 1 percent versus the 99 percent. People for the first time in a generation are aware of massive corporate and economic exploitation. These things are not nonsense and these are subjects that are not being addressed.”

In conclusion, we all can do something to make our future better, to be more conscious.

“Aren’t you bored? And you’ve been talking year after year, listening to their lies, their nonsense […]but the problems continue? Why are we going to continue to contribute to this facade?”


You can watch the full interview here



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