Doctors volunteer to help people after flood disaster in India


On 16th of June 2013 a flood disaster struck the region of Uttarakhand, India, causing floods and landslides, breaking bridges and leaving over 100,000 people isolated without any help. However, not only the local inhabitants have been affected but also pilgrims and tourists as these areas are frequently visited due to Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage sites.

The flood completely demolished 365 houses, partially damaged 275 houses and destroyed bridges and roads leaving people trapped in the valleys. Government forces were able to evacuate over 110,000 people from the area, however due to heavy rain fall and blocked roads, they were not able to reach many isolated areas. Thus, two doctors, Dr. Renu  and  Dr. Sripriya Rajan from Chennai decided to take matters in their own hands. They have decided to create a Medical Camp in order to help people in the affected areas. With the help of a local NGO called Vishvanath Poorva Sainik Kalyan Samiti, the doctors and several other volunteers have decided to actually walk through the higher Himalyans in order to reach the isolated people. Luckily, several people have helped by volunteering in their mission or donating money or medicine.

The doctors have walked for six days until they have reached the affected areas. While their mission was in progress, another volunteer, Major Jamnal had organised several other NGO’s under the same umbrella in order to gather all their resources in helping the team of doctors. Luckily, the local authorities have found out about the trip and chose to join the mission by adding 40 porters for transporting medicine and a helicopter. According to the doctors managed to carry out 11 surgeries, 228 tests and to examine 2398 patients. A well successful mission!

You can watch a video about the floods, here




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