How to save energy and money

_DSC0274Saving money and helping the environment can be easier than we think. In fact, some of the things we can do, do not require much effort or time from our side.  From buying an energy efficient electrical product to simply unplugging unused electrics from around the house, things could not get any easier.

These are some simple tips that we could use in saving money and energy.

1. Unplugging our electrical products. First of all everyone forgets about phone chargers, because when you don’t charge your phone you don’t really think about the fact that it uses energy.  However, according to the phone charger still uses 0.26 W on average when not charging and uses  2.24 W when charging, which means just living it in the socket would add up to 10% to our monthly electricity bill.

Unplugging the TV when we go to bed. When you turn off the TV, it still uses energy while on standby. You use more if you have a TV box ( like a Sky box or Tevo style box) that records your TV shows while you are away. If you feel like you don’t want to miss the TV shows, you could at least turn it off at night when television channels only transmit reruns. According to we can save between 50 to 90 pounds a year just by turning them off.

What other electric products can you turn off or unplug?

Air conditioners, LCD, computer monitors, USB’s, modems, printers, computer speakers, coffee makers, kettles and microwave ovens.

3. Buying energy efficient products. Now, we can’t change all our kitchen appliances, however when the time comes for a new fridge or washing machine, it is helpful to look for energy efficient products, such as choosing  A+ or A++ energy rated products.

4. Loft insulation. If we buy a new house and it is not insulated, the heat will go right through the roof. Loft insulation could save us up to 180 pounds a year.

5Wash our clothes at 30 degrees and set the washing machine for a short cycle.

6. Turning of lights when we leave the room.


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