Human rights. Europe, are you sitting comfortable?

_DSC0009Being born in Europe is a privilege. At least I see at as a privilege. Whether you were born in the poorer area of Eastern Europe or in the developed western area, you were born lucky.  Yes, I know. Some of us did not have money for computers, fancy clothes or fancy telephones. But we were still lucky.

Why? Because we have the chance to evolve. We have the opportunity to change.  We have the right to speak. We are allowed to say no without fear of being persecuted.

Whether we are poor, rich, children, adults, men or women, we have the right to do what we want.  Sometimes in our own comfortable life, sitting in our sofas, watching TV , browsing the internet and complaining about how boring our lives are, we forget how lucky we are. Sure, we can’t afford an expensive Iphone, a new car or a holiday to Tahiti. But we can afford so much more. Things that people in other countries can only dream of.

Think about this morning.  You woke up in a bed. Millions of homeless people woke up in a cold street. You enjoyed walking around your room without anyone abusing you. There are still millions of slaves that cannot enjoy freedom. Then you had breakfast. Other millions are dying every minute of hunger. Then, maybe you prayed. Good for you, you are enjoying your right to religion. Then you picked up some clothes, because you can afford to have clothes ( yes, even if you bought them from a charity shop or a discount store). Then you enjoyed your day without fear of being attacked, raped or killed ( compared to people in Syria).

Then you read the newspapers. Well done, because millions are illiterate. If you did not like the news you could go on Facebook, Twitter or just phoned your friends and comment or criticize the news. Well done, you are enjoying your freedom of speech, debate, freedom of thought and conscience. Then, if you were still angry you travelled  to a public protest. Because you have the right to free movement,  protest and peaceful assembly. If the protest lead to nothing you could still elect someone different to represent you in the government. Because you have the right to vote. If you still can’t find a good person to represent you, you still can do something because you have the right to participate and get elected.

There you go. We have everything that we need to change the world in our beautiful Europe. Are you still sitting comfortable in your chair?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tammy Cook
    Oct 16, 2013 @ 17:35:25

    I am blessed to stand up for the human rights of others. I feel it is my moral obligation to serve and protect the rights of all. However, it took me far too many years to get up out of that chair…

    Thank you for this “challenging” post. I hope it will move others towards action!


    • Happy Telegram
      Oct 16, 2013 @ 18:34:52

      Thank you for your comment! Nowadays it’s even easier to take action, even if you don’t have the time or resources. The internet is great. Signing a petition, sharing messages, writing blog posts, writing to your government, creating a video protest and just encouraging others to join is also helping. Every small thing matters! And every person matters! 🙂


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