People help turtles by organising a “Turtle Tuesday”


A local community from Palm beach, Florida, USA, has decided to help the sea turtles in their area. The Worth Avenue Association lead by Gregg Beletsky have opened up a project meant to clean up the beaches in the area and to help the turtles. The project was called Turtle Tuesday to make everyone remember when to come and help. The project is simple- people just go and pick up garbage off the beach. Gregg Beletsky said:

“ When you go out on the beach and you collect garbage on a daily basis, there’s such a need and when you see how it impacts the life cycle of a turtle, not only the nesting turtles but the hatchlings that are going out the sea, they are ingesting the plastic that is floating in the water, it’s killing them. It was just a natural call to action for all of us.”

The project is a success as over 500 pounds of trash was collected from the beach.



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