Pakistani Muslims protect Christians during Mass


While plenty of negative news involve Muslims in the main media, from time to time there is one positive news that makes its way through blogs and small media news websites, breaking stereotypes related to Muslims.

While only 3 percent of Pakistan’s population is Christian, terrorist groups have targeted last month a church in Peshawar in a protest against United States drone strikes. While we all know what happened from the news, this attack has just helped fuelling the negative beliefs about Muslims.

Thus, in an attempt to show the world that there are plenty of good Muslims out there, the organization Pakistan For All has organized on Sunday, a protest by forming a human chain around the St. Anthony Church in Lahore, Pakistan. Mohammed Jibran Nasir, one of the organizers, declared :“The terrorists showed us what they do on Sundays. Here we are showing them what we do on Sundays. We unite.”




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