Pit Bull awarded ” American Hero Dog” prize




The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards that take place every year in the United States, since 2010, have awarded their “American Hero Dog” prize this year to a pit bull. Now, we all know pit bulls have a bad reputation of being aggressive and dangerous, however Elle came and broke the stereotypes.

Elle is a female pit bull that works as a therapy dog, which means she works with children in helping them improve their reading skills, breaking stereotypes by teaching them about dog safety, getting rid of their fear of dogs and teaching them how to be a responsible pet owner.

These awards are given every year to dogs that have saved lives, acted heroically or are just helping people with disabilities or diseases.

Other prizes that have been awarded

Emergency Hero Dog category

Winner – Cassidy, a rescued disabled dog that along with his owner bring awareness about people with disabilities and promote special needs rescues by visiting rehabilitation centres.

Guide dog category

Winner- Jingles, who is working in a diabetic alert team.

 Hearing dog category

Winner- Lola, a dog who is helping her deaf owner, Charlene in her everyday life.

Law enforcement category

Winner- Lakota,who served four years in the police force, recovering stolen property and participating in drug seizures.

Search and rescue dog category

Winner- John D, who participates in kidnaps, drowning, disasters and detecting cancer ( reportedly saved two women’s lives by detecting cancer at an early stage)


You can find more about these awards on their personal website http://www.herodogawards.org/about-us/




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hannah Rose
    Oct 09, 2013 @ 12:07:22

    I love pit bulls! And I’m so glad a pit got this award. People can be so ignorant.


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