Iraqi man brings free electricity to Iraqi village

The villagers of Bafa, Iraq have had issues with electricity all their lives._DSC0228

The only way for them to get electricity was from an electricity engine, which used fuel that had to be paid. More than that, this engine gave too little electricity for the villager’s needs and this was used just for bringing a bit of light in the houses.

Luckily, one  disabled local man called Khaled Hussein has created a machine that produces free electricity, without the need of fuels. This machine is a turbine which functions using Alkhabul river’s water energy. According to, Khaled, who is 40 years old, has been dreaming about creating this machine since he was a child.  Even without finishing secondary school, Khlaed was still passionate about science and decided to create a Creativity Association ( Hinan Association) for creativity projects. Thanks to the Association, Khaled managed to raise 20, 000 dollars and fulfil his long life dream.

Nowadays, the eight houses that comprise the village are able to use electricity for free and the villagers now enjoy their fridges and televisions.


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