Stereotyping women- uplifting funny video by four young women

Watch this short, funny and uplifting poem about stereotyping women by the DC Youth Slam Team. The poem tells the story of  four women that decide to find a costume for Halloween. They decide to be a schoolteacher, nurse, fairy and Wonderwoman. However, when they reach the shop they find out that the costume has less…than more fabric.  Then the discussion evolves into discussing how women are stereotyped. They discuss the fact that nowadays every woman is stereotyped, even if that woman is a strong, successful person. As the girls say ” Bogeyman is a lot less frightening than a strong woman”.


Animals banned in circuses in UK!


If you’ve ever been to the circus or just watched it on TV, maybe you remember tigers jumping through circles of fire, horses running around while acrobats were jumping from one horse to another, elephants sitting on two legs or monkeys performing gymnastics.

While some of us thought it was hilarious ( or if you were an innocent kid who did not know any better), these animals did suffer. They did not have the freedom to move around  like they would do in their free environment and more than that, they would have been forced to perform ( under the threat of being beaten) for our own amusement.

Luckily it seems things are getting better as in UK the animals have been banned in circuses. According to, RSPCA, Born Free Foundation, the British Veterinary Association and Captive Animals’ Protection Society  have finally convinced the government to ban them. Dr. Ros Clubb, RSCPA senior scientist has added:

“It is a great relief that the government has listened to reason and we are back on track to getting a proper ban on the use of all wild animals in circuses. As the Government has pointed out, there is absolutely no basis for protecting only a select group of wild animals, and no desire to do so from MPs, the public or animal welfare groups. No wild animals belong in a circus.”

Russell Brand: why voting is not working and why he’s calling for change



While most actors avoid telling their own opinions and just comply with the rules of their movie companies, Russell Brand tells it how it is. Whether you love or hate him or whether you don’t really care about him as an actor or comedian, his opinions are not something we should ignore.

This actor is widely known for his Hollywood movies, however his behaviour is not very Hollywood like. In an interview with Jeremy Paxman from BBC show, Newsnight, Russell has expressed his opinion on voting, corporations and on what people should do to change the current disastrous economical and political situation.

First of all, Russell has recognised that voting never helped countries, because well, maybe because politicians did what they wanted anyway, no matter what the population has decided.  If we changed our leaders, why did our situation not improve? Maybe, because all politicians are in the same pot and they just pretend to be against each other to make us falsely believe that we are in a true democracy? Talking about voting, Russell said:


“I don’t think it’s working very well Jeremy, given that the planet is  being destroyed, given that there is economic disparity of a huge degree.


I’m not voting out of apathy, but I’m not voting out of absolute indifference and weariness and exhaustion from the lies, treachery  and deceit of the political class that is being going on from generation now.”

“I don’t think it works”

“ The apathy doesn’t come from us the people, the apathy comes from the politicians. They are only interested in serving the needs of the corporations.”


We might think, is he right or is he telling lies? How do we know that politicians are serving the needs of corporations?  Well, if we do a bit of research we find out that in USA, a former Monsanto lawyer (Clarence Thomas) is now a supreme court Judge and the US Secretary of Agriculture (Anne Veneman) was also in the Board of Directors of Monsanto’s corporation, both pushing biotechnology agriculture ( that has been forbidden in other countries).

However, these are not the only issues that Russell brought in discussion.


“ The planet is being destroyed, we are creating an underclass, we are exploiting poor people all over the world and there are genuinely legitimate problems that people are not being addressed by our political class.”

We might think how could these things happen in highly developed countries, how could there be such a big difference in wealth between rich and poor? And who and what causes it?

“I think there is a huge disparity between rich and poor, where 300 Americans have the same amount of wealth as their 85 million poorest Americans, where there is an exploited under served underclass being continually ignored, where welfare is slashed”


But, finally, discussing it will not bring anyone anywhere, unless someone brings out a solution. Russell Brands’s idea calls for a big change.


“ I’m calling for change. I’m calling for genuinely alternatives.”

“We know voting will make no difference”.

“A socialist egalitarian system based on the massive distribution of wealth, heavy taxation of corporations and massive responsibility for energy companies and any company exploiting the environment.I think the very concept of profit should be hugely reduced. Profit is a filthy word because everywhere there is profit there is deficit”

While media is feeding us all the time with reality TV, celebrity useless news and superficial information, they forget to mention the protests around the world, the protests against Monsanto, the latest large protests against fracking in UK, Poland and Romania. Few celebrities mention what real people want and need. However, luckily, we have the internet to express ourselves, to use it as a tool in spreading our opinions, to make changes and to spread the truth.


This movement is already occurring, it’s happening everywhere,”. “We’re in a time when communication is instantaneous and there are communities all over the world. The Occupy movement made a difference even if in that it only introduced into the popular public lexicon the idea of the 1 percent versus the 99 percent. People for the first time in a generation are aware of massive corporate and economic exploitation. These things are not nonsense and these are subjects that are not being addressed.”

In conclusion, we all can do something to make our future better, to be more conscious.

“Aren’t you bored? And you’ve been talking year after year, listening to their lies, their nonsense […]but the problems continue? Why are we going to continue to contribute to this facade?”


You can watch the full interview here


Doctors volunteer to help people after flood disaster in India


On 16th of June 2013 a flood disaster struck the region of Uttarakhand, India, causing floods and landslides, breaking bridges and leaving over 100,000 people isolated without any help. However, not only the local inhabitants have been affected but also pilgrims and tourists as these areas are frequently visited due to Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage sites.

The flood completely demolished 365 houses, partially damaged 275 houses and destroyed bridges and roads leaving people trapped in the valleys. Government forces were able to evacuate over 110,000 people from the area, however due to heavy rain fall and blocked roads, they were not able to reach many isolated areas. Thus, two doctors, Dr. Renu  and  Dr. Sripriya Rajan from Chennai decided to take matters in their own hands. They have decided to create a Medical Camp in order to help people in the affected areas. With the help of a local NGO called Vishvanath Poorva Sainik Kalyan Samiti, the doctors and several other volunteers have decided to actually walk through the higher Himalyans in order to reach the isolated people. Luckily, several people have helped by volunteering in their mission or donating money or medicine.

The doctors have walked for six days until they have reached the affected areas. While their mission was in progress, another volunteer, Major Jamnal had organised several other NGO’s under the same umbrella in order to gather all their resources in helping the team of doctors. Luckily, the local authorities have found out about the trip and chose to join the mission by adding 40 porters for transporting medicine and a helicopter. According to the doctors managed to carry out 11 surgeries, 228 tests and to examine 2398 patients. A well successful mission!

You can watch a video about the floods, here



How to save energy and money

_DSC0274Saving money and helping the environment can be easier than we think. In fact, some of the things we can do, do not require much effort or time from our side.  From buying an energy efficient electrical product to simply unplugging unused electrics from around the house, things could not get any easier.

These are some simple tips that we could use in saving money and energy.

1. Unplugging our electrical products. First of all everyone forgets about phone chargers, because when you don’t charge your phone you don’t really think about the fact that it uses energy.  However, according to the phone charger still uses 0.26 W on average when not charging and uses  2.24 W when charging, which means just living it in the socket would add up to 10% to our monthly electricity bill.

Unplugging the TV when we go to bed. When you turn off the TV, it still uses energy while on standby. You use more if you have a TV box ( like a Sky box or Tevo style box) that records your TV shows while you are away. If you feel like you don’t want to miss the TV shows, you could at least turn it off at night when television channels only transmit reruns. According to we can save between 50 to 90 pounds a year just by turning them off.

What other electric products can you turn off or unplug?

Air conditioners, LCD, computer monitors, USB’s, modems, printers, computer speakers, coffee makers, kettles and microwave ovens.

3. Buying energy efficient products. Now, we can’t change all our kitchen appliances, however when the time comes for a new fridge or washing machine, it is helpful to look for energy efficient products, such as choosing  A+ or A++ energy rated products.

4. Loft insulation. If we buy a new house and it is not insulated, the heat will go right through the roof. Loft insulation could save us up to 180 pounds a year.

5Wash our clothes at 30 degrees and set the washing machine for a short cycle.

6. Turning of lights when we leave the room.

Join the “Live a Better Life” Fair in Liverpool!

1377038_378902342212657_931026993_nIf you are interested in living a better life, eating healthy, eating right, treating animals fair but you are not sure where to start and where to look for the right information, you can visit the “Live a Better Life” Fair starting from Saturday, 19th of October at St. George’s Hall in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

The fair will have 120 stalls which will offer everything from organic food to natural cosmetic products and faitrade clothes. More than that, you will be able to view film screenings, cookery demonstration, to participate in talks and there will also be a prize draw.

For more details you can visit their Facebook page


The Youth Parapan American Games have started!

English: Pictogram for Athletics of the Olympi...

English: Pictogram for Athletics of the Olympics and Paralympics 2008 Deutsch: Symbol für Leichtathletik von Olympia und den Paralympics 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know there is a big deal in the world and media when the Olympics are on or any other sporting event or championship for that matter. However we must not forget about other events that involve people with disabilities.

Since Tuesday, 15th of October the Youth Parapan American Games have started in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event gathers more than 600 attendees with an impairment, ages between 14 and 21 years old. Participants come from 17 countries, including Mexico, Venezuela, Canada and USA. The competition includes several sports such as swimming, wheelchair tennis, judo and wheelchair basketball.

The Youth Parapan American Games have been organized since 2005 as a competition that encourages young people with disabilities to exercise their talents and promote Paralympic values. For this event and other events within the Paralympic competitions, you can have a look at their website


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